The Land of Hedoka

The Land of Hedoka

In the land of Hedoka, mermaids, elf's, faeries, pixie, witches, warlocks, spirit animals, deamons and Kemi ( people with elemental powers) roam free. That is until a dark force comes over and create chaos over the land. It's up to Isabelle light and her friends and family of the Kemi to form alliance and destroy the evil forces lurking in the shadows! A story that was made by my otaku friend who wanted me to post it on q feast!

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Where am I? Well I'm in a white room but, Where am I? I see someone. A woman with long black hair. Everything is so hazy. I can't see well. “Hello? Is anyone there? Can you please tell me where I am?”. The woman is coming closer. Who is she? She looks so familiar. She's running now. Closer and closer I can finally see what she looks like. She's wearing a short white dress and her eyes, their like mine, a dark shade of brown. Suddenly her eyes glow a bright read. Blood. I see blood on her dress. She tackles me she holds the knife to my throat. I can't move. “YOU KILLED HER” she yells and the white room grows in size and becomes dark. All I can see is her eyes. So red, so bright. Then I sleep and hope I won't wake up.

I burst awake. Another dream....whats happening to me? I've been having the same dream over and over again. I should forget that. Today is exam day. The day I finally get my elemental powers. I've been waiting 6 years for this day. When I was ten, I passed my first exam and unlocked my speed powers. Today I will fight for my fire powers. It's like a magnet attracting metal. I can't wait! I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and change. I get out of my room and see my brother Mathew, heir to the throne. His blond hair is a wavy tangled mess. “Morning Matty”, I say patting the top of his head and he looks up, still half asleep and replies with a “Uggh ya, morning to you too fuzz ball!” and smiles. I run downstairs and see Jackie in her designer clothing, as usual. Her long wavy blond hair is pulled up in a high ponytail. She gives me a massive hug. “I... Can't...Breathe...!” I managed to say. She laughs and releases me. “Aww, I'm just so happy that my baby sister is finally getting her elemental powers today! Eek!” Her phone starts to buzz and a text from...Jason? “Hey I thought you broke up with Jason” I said. “Ya I did but he doesn't wanna let go” she replies. That's no surprise because Jackie is the most popular girl at the Golden Hedoka Academy. She is envied by most girls and praised by all the bots. She's also the strongest girl there too. With her strength and earth powers, she's never lost a match since... well I can't actually remember.

I go back upstairs to wake up Dakota. I knock on her door and she replied with a groggy “What do you want?”. (I just want to note that Dakota is NOT a morning person.) She opens the door with her eyes closed and with a yawn she says “Can you give me like, 10 more minuets please? I was up all night reading and playing video games” I looked at the bags under her eyes and her messy jet black hair and her Pac man pajamas. “Ok then” I said, “If you wanna miss school then that's fine with me” And I took a cup of cold water and splashed it on her face and she bursts awake, quickly putting on her glasses and went to change. Dakota never misses a day at school and she is at the top of all of her classes (except gym) and she is the smartest girl at school. That's probably because she has intelligence and water powers but she still beats other people that also have intelligence as powers.

I finish eating breakfast and head to The Golden Hedoka Academy for my young Kemi and Kem.
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Hope you make a third chapter!!!
hi this is Caelyn, the author of land of Hadoka I want to say THANK YOU!!!
on November 23, 2015
on November 23, 2015