Completely Still

Completely Still

A story made by one of my friends so she asked me if I can post it on q feast. I always thought of myself as normal. I have friends, I don't chew my nails and I am not a weirdo. But at the back of my mind I knew I was not normal. Ever since I was little I was getting these terrible headaches. People said I was over reacting but they really felt like my head would explode. I never knew there was much to them until I realized that the headaches really where something special...

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1~

Chapter 1~

I always thought of myself as normal. I have friends, I don't chew my nails, and I'm not a weirdo like Victor (like seriously that guy has some metal issues or something). But at the back of my mind I know I'm not normal. The lingering fear that I'll be in pain at any second without warning. It started ever since I was little, about 5 years old and in Senior Kindergarten. The day started fine until in the middle of playtime I got this searing pain in my head. I screamed and our teacher, Mrs Simms, came running and asked "Zoey? What's wrong? Are you-" but that's all I heard, because I already fainted from the shock of the pain. After that incident, the random jolts of pain became regular and were the most embarrassing at school, because people think it's just a headache when really I feel like my heads going to explode... So you can imagine that on the first day of school I wanted to make a good impression to my new teacher and classmates, maybe they won't remember what a crazy person I am.

When I got to school on the first day my best friend Claire was already waiting for me along with Rachel and Dominica, who are my friends but I've known Claire for much longer and plus, Claire always supports me when I have one of my random headaches. "ZOEY!" cried Rachel and then Dominica and Claire all ran up to me and gave me a hug. "Zoey! We were just talking about our summers, how was yours? Too bad you couldn't come with us to the Taylor Swift concert... But maybe next time?" Claire asked. Oh yes. The concert I couldn't go to because of my head "Yeah... My head HAS to hurt at the most inconvenient times. Hopefully it won't hurt today. Anyways, my summer was boring, you know my mom always worries that I'll get a headache when I'm at one of your guy's houses." I replied.  "Oh Zoey... Now I feel horrible for you, having to listen to our exciting summer while you had a boring one. But I will tell you that I saw Tristan at the mall once and he noticed me. NOTICED ME! CAN YOU BELIEVE-" "Don't be so loud Claire... And I can't believe your so crazy about the guys in our class, they're all so weird." I scowled "But Zoeeey I'm not lying. He did..." The bell rang, cutting Claire off. "Ugh, why do we have to go to this dump so early... Anyways, I feel so bad for you, Rachel and Dominica, you're in a different class. But we'll meet at recess right?" Claire asked. "Of course! See you guys at... How about the peace garden?" Dominica asked. "Sure. Bye!" Me and Claire replied.

I was walking with claire to meet our new teacher, Mrs Korin, at the front doors, when a random voice cried "Why look who it is, Miss Headache! Welcome back, heh".  How I hated that voice, Owen. He's a guy in our class which I swear everyone has a crush on but I never understood why people would like that jerk. "Shut your mouth, jerk!" Claire cried back. That's one of the reasons why I like Claire. She always defends me and doesn't like Owen either. We lined up in front of Mrs Korin, who looked like a nice teacher. "Hello grade 7s! Follow me inside and put your bag on the back of your chairs while you wait until I assign you a hook." She said. I walked inside the school, the place I dreaded the most. I must've looked anxious, because Sarah behind me asked me if I was alright. "Oh yeah, just disappointed that summer is over, you know?" I responded. Sarah is one of those people that you can't get mad at, and everyone loves her and I don't really know why. "Ok good Zoey, if there's anything wrong just ask me then." Sarah responded and then continued onto her conversation with Gale and Marley, two very popular girls in our class who I didn't mind much.

We went upstairs to our classroom, which was near the end of the hall, room 210. I went to sit at the desk with my name tag on it and luckily Claire sat beside me on one side but on the other sat Owen (gag). The whole class, including me and Claire, were talking about their summer so Mrs Korin had gotten pretty mad once everyone noticed she was trying to talk. "Ok everyone, I know that you are very excited to talk about your summers but please let it wait for recess. So, the first row, go get the first 6 hooks, the second..." The pattern continued like that, and since I was in the third row I got the top hook of the last closet, next to Gale's. When everyone got back to their desks, Mrs Korin was already handing out sheets of paper with the normal introduce yourself type of thing you always get on the first day of school. People had lots of fun, for one of the questions it was what do you want to learn this year and people wrote things like "Am I a potato?" or "What is the meaning of life?", so basically, the normal crazy class I was used to.

Recess came quickly, and I was still laughing with Claire, Gale and Sarah. I ran with Claire to go meet Dominica and Rachel in the peace garden. They were waiting before us, but that  was expected, because me and Claire spent another 3 minutes laughing with Gale and Sarah. "Zoey! Claire! Where were you guys? Do you wanna waste the whole recess?" Dominica asked angrily, but I could tell that she didn't really mean it to be hurtful. " Sorry guys! We were inside laughing about this question on the worksheet we got. Oh never mind you won't get it... But trust me you would've laughed!" I replied eagerly. "Ok... Wait do you guys have Mrs Korin?" Rachel asked. "Yeah, she looks nice, and my older sister had her and said she was her favourite teacher so she should be nice." Claire replied. "Lucky! We have Mrs Autriew. Or however you pronounce that name. She's pretty strict, and wears this perfume that smells like baby wipes..." Rachel replied with a bit a jealousy. " Oh Rachel, you'll survive, at least Victor or Owen aren't in your class..." I replied. "Wait what's wrong with Owen?" Dominica asked. So I went on to tell her what happened when we left to go to line up. "Oh wow. He said that? Well now I see he's a jerk." Dominica said. After maybe a minute of talking, the bell rang. "Ok bye Rachel and Dominica. Hope you guys can survive with that teacher of yours!" Claire called out. "We'll try!" Rachel called back.

And then me and Claire left for the lineup. It wasn't much of a line though, our whole class was all spread out in groups. Me and Claire were talking with Sarah and Christine, Christine is a girl in our class who's obsessed with anime, and apparently Claire knew what is was. "I've read manga, but never watched any anime" I said plainly. "WHAT?! Girl, you're missing out on life. Go watch Madoka Magica, or Fairytail or...something!" Christine typically yelled. "Oops" she said "Too loud huh?" "Indeed" I replied. Our line started to go inside and Christine and Claire started to tell me about anime what  to watch, and Claire continued once we were back in the class eating snack.

Mrs Korin then told us to look in our desk for our math textbooks. "Nooooo!" The class moaned. "Seriously, math on the first day of school? What is this madness?" Claire asked angrily. Then I felt a push on my chair. Owen was trying to get though, probably going to the washroom. Mrs Korin then started to teach us about pattern rules and easy math things like that. But then it happened. Like usual, out of nowhere. The pain. No. My brain screamed. It was worse then any headache that I ever felt. I nudged Claire. She was too focused on copying down what Mrs Korin was writing down. I almost punched her this time, my head spinning. "Zoey?" Claire asked "Are you alright?" "Noooo...ughhhh..." I replied. "Oh no, not now. Not the first day of school. Should I-" "Claire? What are you doing talking? You have to copy down the note on the board, unless you're having a conversation about math, which I highly doubt." Mrs Korin said, interrupting Claire's sentence. "Uhhhh..." I said, realizing that I probably couldn't talk if I tried. Mrs Korin's attention turned to me, seeing my paleness. "Zoey? Are you ok you look awfully pale and-" but everything went black, reminding me of 8 years ago when the same thing happened.
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