The Dreamer that never Forgot

The Dreamer that never Forgot

This is a story I wrote. (Of course XD) I made it because I was inspired by my awry dreams, they were always strange but the same person appears in it.

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Chapter 1.

The dreams begin

‘I can’t wait to share this doc with my friends!’ Acacia thought excitedly as she typed in her friends’ names. She clicked the mouse pad as the screen lit up saying ‘Sent’. She pushed her desk as her wheeled chair slid backwards, rocketing her to her bed. She flopped onto it exhausted and out of ideas for her story. ‘What a great idea!’ She thought, ‘Me and my friends making a story together!’. She sat there looking up at the ceiling.
A loud, squeaky meowing announced her kitten, General Fluffypants, as he lept up on her bed purring. Another meow, much deeper and mixed with a purr, announced that Autumn, the mom, also came. General Fluffypants and Autumn gently kneaded the bed as they curled up together. Acacia closed her eyes and thought ‘what a great day it is...’ Drowsiness cascaded around her as she fell asleep. Autumn looked at General as they started wrestling.  
A wailing sound woke up Acacia as she snapped open her eyes. She looked to her left and saw a white dove. It had golden eyes and golden wings. She felt a hand rest on her shoulder as she was watching the bird. She froze, not daring to turn around. She learned that from her past nightmares, that the best thing to do is to smack your head against something. Minding the bruises of course.
“Hello friend” The voice behind said. It felt warm yet guarded by the tone of the voice. Acacia, daring to look around, lifted her head.
‘No!’ She thought when she saw the face. The face that has always haunted her in her dreams. It was a twisted version of herself. It’s face was gouged with cuts and bruises. It’s eyes were black and soul-less. The wail sounded again. Acacia looked around frantically, trying to find out what was making that noise. Everywhere she looked, the same face appeared in her vision. Then everything, as if shut off, went black.
“Who are you?” The words escaped her lips. All she heard was giggling. “WHO ARE YOU?!?!” She shrieked. She started running around in the darkness. A bright white light appeared in front of her. ‘The way out!’ She thought. Always, her dream ended with the light, but she never got to touch it. Acacia started slowly moving towards it. It slowly moved away. She started running towards it. The light was a couple feet from her when the Aja appeared in front of the light. (lets call the messed up face ‘The Aja’)Then the wailing sound came from her left. She looked and saw a pair of golden eyes staring at her. She heard something whisper in her head.
“I’m you.”
Then Visions flooded through her head. People fighting to the death, her friends laying on the ground dead. Then she woke up, looked to her left and screamed. A dead gold and white dove lay on her pillow, soaked with black blood. “Your time is limited” A deep voice rang in her ears. “The dove carries and protects peace, but who will protect it?” Her eyes snapped open as she sat up.
‘So the dove on my pillow was a dream’ She sighed. She looked to her left and saw that it was 1:00 am. Her cats were curled up by Acacia’s side, purring.
“The dreams are more real than you think!” A voice echoed in her head, followed by giggling. “I’m you!”
She suppressed a scream as she lay, eyes wide open, tears streaming down her face. General Fluffypants opened his eyes, stretched, and rubbed his head against her cheek, as if he knew what her dream was. "why... why me..." She breathed out, forgetting she had to breathe.
So this sums up this chapter. If You want me to continue writing this, which this is practically my dream journal, but from third person point of view, please rate and say so! I hope you liked what I put so far!
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