bookmark of demise project

bookmark of demise project

The stories are based off of Japanese children's games and urban legends such as one-man hide and seek, doppelgangers, mearry's phone and monkey paw. On the normal, unchanging campus, it suddenly occurred; A murder case where a body was cut open, right into two. On the other side of the unsolved case, the rumor-loving high school students became involved in a certain ritual.What is the "Bookmark of Demise"? Who is the traitor? What will the conclusion to this story be? So, can you solve this mystery?

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One-man hise and seek alone part 1

Summer has not yet begun,a rumor goes around is season,no one knows the details,and no one must never know.
All that is known is tat even a blank book and a cat bookmark,once its seen,one must never touch it.
For it is the "Bookmark Of Demise Project",due to a single traitor a "fox" the game begun.To reach the game end,you must kill the "fox",if your not able to find the "fox" evreyone dies and while searching the "fox" you must follow the demans.
The demanda will be sent in a via letter,you are allowed one week to fulfill the demands,in the case you dont follow the demands you will die,if the contents or demander has been seen by a outsider,that person will die,until you reach the end of the game,there is no way out.
Now lets the "fun demise" game begin...

Reporter:breaking news,today at the highschool xx city,a body of a male school student was discovered,the police are proceding the investigations and are considering the possibilities of it being either a crime or an accident.This is a clip that the cameras caught.

It started with a scene,a girl searching a ball.
Student girl:hm...where did it go?*she murmued to herself while she searched for the ball,she gasped when she felt a pressure on her back,making her turn*oh s-sor-*she couldent finish her sentence when she noticed it was a half body ontop of her,making her scream horrifyed and running away to tell the director*

End of the clip.

It happend during lunch time,regardlees wheither if it was a crime or a accident,no one could find the culprit,in other words it was a "locked room murder".

Sebastian POV.
hello,im sebastian a elegant yet mysteriouse guy with a boring life,i woke up because of the alarm,there was no one in home,my as always leave me in the house alone cause they work,thats right there was no one around,but,i have delt recently that somone has been watching me.
I put on my uniform and evreything,ready to head to school,thoughdo to this feeling that im being watched,it makes me exhausted,but evreytime i look back,there was no one.These words arent meant for anybody there just to get through my mutante boring life,these words are my little good luck charm.after school i walked out with a umbrella sinces it was raining.My evreyday life is very boring.i just hope somone could destroy this bordem...until,i heard a voice from my childhood friend,carlos

Carlos:yo!sebastian!Your in a bad mood today again i can see*he mutterted with a grin as he walked beside him *
Sebastian:thats none of your buisness...
Carlos:even your reply is heartless*he said witha chuckle. *
Sebastian:mind:i hate this guy...
Carlos:by the are familiar with all the rumors right?
Sebastian :did somthing happend?
Carlos:your good friends with bailey,right?
The rumored girl,to be top-class beauty in our school,there arent musch in school who dosent know her,even though im bad socializing with people,i have good reasons to be friends with her.
Sebastian: well,yeah,did somthing happend?
Carlos:well,no,i mean, just wondering if there are rumors of somone who she likes and if she has a boyfriend...*he said blushing while covering his face*
Sebastian:how annoying...these thpes of things again,i mean,what is just so great about her?even though,this situation is really convinient for me...well,no,not eeally,but i dont think she does though,if she did,it would be already a wide rumor
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