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What is your nationality?
Im curoise,what is your nationality?where were you born? I was born in united states but raised in mexico,so im more like a mexican then a american,and im very proud B) In my opinion its amazing to be a mexican
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Who believez in g*d and mari*?
I do believe in god and the virgin,they have helped me in so many problems
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Requests of would ___ like you?(sonic)
Ok,its going to be like sappires quizes just that this time,the resulta Will be US,so comment below if you want to be in one And thats all
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What should be his name?
This is airis the wolf pet,but dosent know how to ñame it,help her!
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What do you want for christmas? (2)
I really want some plushies of sonic,tails,knuckles,amy and shadow :3 and maybe shoes What about YOU?
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Who whould like to be in my sonic WWFFY quiz?
Ill be accepting 6,since it counts with crystal and kameo (cause kameo already ask me if she wanted to be in it and i said yes) So hurry up!
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Should i do a sonic WFFY?
Its really popular,so i wanted to know if u want me to make them
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Who watches Lucky star?
Personally,lucky star aré one of my fav animes,its so funny and awsome!^_^
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Should i write a sonic christmes special story?
Idk if i should write it,cause i always end up not writing it or uncompleted!such as my other storys that most of u liked...*sigh* Anyways just tell me in the comments if U REALLY want me to write it If most of u guys say yes,I...
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am i annoying?
Im just curiouse of what u think about me...so am i?
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Wich is your fave oc x oc couple?(sonic)
Yeah i dont really like the oc x sonic character,cause it makes problems and u know... But i like the oc x oc couples,Its much better So comment wich is your fav and why
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Who has habbo?
I do,Its the same user of here
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Should i do a top tens story?
Should i Make a story(Well not tecnichlly a story)u giving me repuests of top tens(but of sonic)oh!and if u say no cause u think that it WILL be distracting me for my new story the sea of death,nonsence!ill be writing both at t...
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What is your opinion on salad fingers?
I think Its kinda weird since Its about a Green dude that like to rúst his fingers with spoons
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Question for the sonic fan caracters
Well since i changed the Backstory,Looks,personality and crush of crystal the hedgehog,i wanteded to ask if i should Make a story of crystal AGAIN,since my Insanity waont make sence any moré Also if some of u say yes and others...
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Who is going to the prom?and When is it? (1)
Im going to the prom.,but idk if Oraki be Abel to be on,so if u want ask me And also When is the prom?
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Who knows bleedman?
Im like a súper fan of bleedman!its so awsome!i like the grim tales and the powerpuffgirls!
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Who likes stolking and p anty
Ik stolking,but i never seen a anime of her,so i search yesterday for her, and saw a video of a anime named p anty and stolking i watched it,even though There were scenes for adults,i loves the anime Tell me who likes this anime
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Wat was your first vocaloid song u Heard?
The first one i have Heard was "world is mine"from hatsune miku,since i Heard the song,i fell in love with the vocaloids~
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Who do u talk more in qfeast?
Who do u chat and rp moré with?i rp moré with TossedWisper4,kameo rose,yamilttethehedgehog101,thecherryeater and Elleyd.I talk moré to mmm Well i dont chat alot...
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