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Turning Point
War changes people. Trust disappears, and no one knows what reality is. Two close friends are engaged in a war for their own personal reasons; however, after they met a strange girl from the other side, their fate becomes seale...
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Ava in the Wonderland war
Ava was a normal girl beside the fact that her and her friends ancestors were characters from the story 'Alice in Wonderland'. Ava and her friends started to hear voices in there heads. Curious about this Ava started looking up...
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Sonic Couples Scenarios Story
[Thank you to @sapphirethehedgehog for granting permission for this story.] Couples all over Qfeast in the Sonic fandom have their moments of romance, which you can read about here! Don't forget that you can request for a coupl...
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Sonic OC couple stories
If you want to be in this with the guy you want then just comment asking. Make sure you put down the guys name and your OC's name. Also if you have a idea of what you want to happen in your story then just let me know :D
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Qfeast Zombie apocalypse! (Who will survive?)
Welcome to the Qfeast Zombie apocalypse! I made a question if you want to be part of this. There are 8 contestents. Will you survive? (And yes, I did take this from the game show of the youtubers thingy, but I loved it so much!)
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A Writer's True Self
When Carrie tries to start a love story in her internet novel for her fans, she begins to experience new territories with one of the biggest players in her class. As the novel becomes more popular, Carrie must push herself into...
45 reads 24 readers 4
Evolve From The Truth
Monsters of all shapes and sizes have taken over the Earth for twenty years. Each country has observed these creatures discovering their names and abilities along with the countries working together. But, Raven, an elite monste...
51 reads 34 readers 16
I Will Always Be Yours
This is a Maria x Shadow fan fiction of how this couple got together after the horrible past they have been through. Enjoy.
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Blood Lust
Watching tears emerge from her dark red eyes, my heart sunk in a dark area. Nothing could make her happy again. Her life had been ruined with my help. Trying to wrap my strong arms around her, a powerful fist landed into my che...
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The Future Of Mobius
Eggman has finally conquered Mobius! He has turned almost everyone into robots! Will some brave friends be able to stop him and return Mobius to its original state?
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Face the Truth
This is just a story I have been working on in my free time. It's a story set in the past full of twists, turns, love, murder, and betrayal. If I get good reviews perhaps I will post the rest of what I have! So if you like it, ...
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The Death Game
This story is about a girl who was looking up random games/apps on her phone and computer. And she ends up playing a game that will truly end her life if she dies. And the worse part is there are more people in that game who h...
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From the Dead(Inspiration from a movie)
Lauren Maldore is on the verge of being dead. A year ago, she was driving with her parents until a truck hit them. She was the only one who survived but now suffers from a deep, long coma. Many people have forgotten this. They ...
36 reads 17 readers 7
I died yesterday. I'm not accepted into heaven. But I still have a chance to get in. Why I'm not accepted, you ask? I died doing bad. I died killing my best friend. If that makes any sense. I must prove myself worthy by doing g...
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Game Of Death
Some games are fun with guns. Some games even take peoples' breath, but this game determines between life or death. When a group of teenage friends get tricked and forced to play the game by unknown hosts in a large mansion, wi...
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My top ten worst things in Sonic.
This includes games, stages, music, and things youtubers have mentioned in videos so don't give me all the credit.
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Black And White (1)
Ashikaga was heart broken until his girlfriend comes back to him as a spirit no one can see her,hear her, or touch her. find out what happens in black and white.
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Sword Art Online
This is the story of Syria and her adventure through Sword Art Online, with many others also.
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I Can't
Lucy's best friend has fallen in love with her. He makes her choose. Choose between being his girlfriend or not being his friend at all.
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