Ava in the Wonderland war

Ava in the Wonderland war

Ava was a normal girl beside the fact that her and her friends ancestors were characters from the story 'Alice in Wonderland'. Ava and her friends started to hear voices in there heads. Curious about this Ava started looking up what could be happening to them. Ava does not find information about this and starts to head home. As she his heading home she loses Control of her body heading to a hole. She inspeacts the hole but slips and falls through a hole in the ground. Where will this lead Ava and will she ever see her friends again?

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Chapter 1.
Where the voices lead

Where the voices lead

My name is Alice Grace Liddell. I'm the daughter of Alissa Liddell and a man who I have never seen and who my mother never spoke about. My mother is the descendant of Alice Liddell the same Alice Liddell that Lewis Carroll wrote about in Alice in Wonderland. I've questioned things about Wonderland. If it was real or not. I've read multiple stories about Alice's adventure in Wonderland. When I was ten years old I had a dream about Wonderland the same as Alice. The drink that would help you shrink and the cake that would make you grow. The rabbit still hopped. The dodo bird was still there. Tweedle dee and tweedle dum still told the story about the clams. The flowers still talked. The Hatter was still mad with his partners the hare and dormouse. The queen still had her cards paint the flowers red and was still after me ,or as the queen called me 'Alice'. I would then wake up from my dream and see my mother by my bedside holding my hand asleep.

I'm now 16 and I still question Wonderland but I'm not alone. My friends Devin ,Cody ,Diana ,Hale ,and Ruby are well they're the reason I question Wonderland because they are the descendants of Mad Hatter ,Cheshire Cat ,the dormouse ,the hare ,and the white rabbit. Sounds werid right. How can people from Wonderland get here? Well that's the whole reason I question Wonderland. When we're at school we're called 'The Wonderland group'. I actually like the name. People only do that to hurt us but we like it. We all know who we are even if people don't believe us ,well them since I have proof who my ancestor is and they don't.

We all decided after we drop off our things at our apartments we would go get shirts with "The Wonderland Group" on it and our ancestor. I forgot to mention something to. We all live in two apartment since our parents are 'insane'. Diana ,Ruby ,and I in one apartment then Devin ,Cody ,and Hale in the other. They are actually really big. Three bedrooms ,two bathrooms ,living room ,and a kitchen. All of our room were decorated their own way. We all styled it after out ancestors with some of our style.

Walking to the door of the apartment I took the key around my neck off and put it in the lock twisting it then pushing the door open. The smell of vanilla came rushing out the door. Walking into the apartment with Diana and Ruby we set out book-bags down and walked out of the apartment locking it behind me. Turning around I seen the boys at the elevator. I shivered just looking at it. I have many fears and an elevator is one of them.

"Come on girls!"(Hale)
"We're coming!"(Diana)
"I think I'm going to take the stairs."(I whispered to Diana)
"Okay we'll meet you at the bottom."(Diana)

Diana and Ruby ran to the boys who were waiting patiently in the elevator. While I walked to the door to the stairs. Opening the door a bright light shinned through it. I walked threw and started hearing little voices like they were in my head. They were saying 'Alice hurry Wonderland is in trouble!' 'Save Wonderland!' 'What are you doing standing there hurry and save Wonderland!' What is happening to me?! I ran quickly down the stairs and through the door open. As I did I seen my friends getting off the elevator. I started running to them and Devin had a scared look on his face.

"Do you hear the voices?!" Devin and I said in unison "Yes!"
"You two are going crazy."(Cody)
"We are not!"(me)
"What are your's saying?"(Devin)
"They said Wonderland was in trouble and to save it."(me)
"Mine told me the same."(Devin)
"Okay you two quit trying to scare us and lets go."(Ruby)

Devin and I were pushed outside. The street was just as usual. Not many people on them and not many cars driving by. I could still hear the voices and I knew Devin could to just by the look on his face. I started listening to them again but they keep saying to save Wonderland. I was taken out of my thought by two of my friends fighting.

"What did you call me?!"(Diana)
"I didn't call you anything! You called me a dumb cat!"(Cody)
"I never called you that! You called me a stupid mouse!"(Diana)
"Will you two quit fighting?!"(Hale)

We all started walking again Diana and Cody staying a good distance from each other. Then I heard it. "Dumb cat!" "Stupid mouse!" Diana turned around and looked at Cody. While Cody looked at Diana.
"You said it again!"(Cody and Diana)
While those two were fighting I looked at Devin and Devin looked at me.
"Did you hear it?"(me)
"It wasn't there voices."(me)
"And I thought we were going 'insane'."(Devin said putting emphasis on the word insane)
"I know right."(me)
"I guess we should stop this."(Devin)
I nodded and looked back at the two bickering teens.
"Okay you two shut!"(I yelled at them in a serious tone)
They both shut up and looked at me.
"Did you not listen to the voices better? They weren't either of you guy's. Devin and I both heard them load and clear. So that mean we're not the only ones going insane now are we?"(me)
"Now that I think about it I guess it really wasn't your voice."(Cody)
"Yay I'm sorry Cody."(Diana)
"Me too but if it wasn't our voices then who's was it."(Cody)
"I don't know that one yet but maybe I'll find out later. For now lets just go get our shirts."(me)
They both nodded and we all started walking again.

We all got our shirt and were walking to my grandfathers sports shot about a block from here. When I heard something say "Come on little rabbit go to the hole."
"Guys did you hear that!"(Ruby)
"Hear what?"(Hale)
"Someone called me a little rabbit."(Ruby)
"So Ruby can hear them?"(Cody)
"Seems like she can."(me)
"Well looks like Hale is the loner."(Diana)
"What are you talking about."(Hale)
"You're the only one that doesn't hear them."(Devin)
"No I can hear them ,I have been for a while, I just didn't want to say anything."(Hale)
"So what do we do about it?"(Devin)
"I'll go to the library and try to find something you guys just go the the sports shop."(me)
"Okay see you later."(Ruby)
I waved goodbye to my friends and started to walk to the library.

As I opened the door to the library the scent of book hit me and the bell rang through my ears. The librarian that was sitting at her desk looked at me then smiled. I returned her smile with a smile of my own and started walking to her. As I reached her she looked at me waiting for what question was going to come out of my mouth.
"I was wondering if I could use one of the computers."(me)
"Yes dear give me one moment."(Librarian)
The librarian turned to the back of the desk and started writing something down on paper. She turned back to me and handed me the paper.
"Go to computer 13 and type in this password."(Librarian)
"Thank you."(me)
The librarian nodded and went back to what she was doing as I walked to the room with all the computers in it.

Reaching the room I opened the door to see no one in there. At least I won't be bothered. I sat down at computer 13 turning it on waiting for it to start up. When the computer did what it had to I typed in the password to get into it. The computer unlock and I click on the internet icon and started doing my research. Well lets see what happening ,if I can even find anything.

After a couple of hours I found nothing. Not even the a clue to whats going on. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00 maybe I should go home. I threw the paper away and told the librarian computer 13 was opened. I walked out of the library and started to go home looking at my feet. I could hear the voices they keep saying 'Hurry Alice hurry!' 'You're getting closer!' 'Come one Alice you're almost there'. When I looked up from my feet I seen I was in the forest and my body felt like it was walking on its own. I reached a tall oak tree that stood out. As I walked closer I seen there was a hole right by the tree. Walking up to the hole I stood in front of it and I felt like it was going to swallow me whole. I got on my knees and put my right hand at the edge of the hole. Black was all I could see. As I tried to get up my hand slipped and I started falling in the hole.

Down ,down ,down I went not knowing what would be at the bottom of this hole ,if there even was a bottom.
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