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The Fog
The Fog was just an urban legand for some people ,but if you were to experience it first handed you knew that everything about the fog was real and not just some old urban legand that someone made up.
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Ava in the Wonderland war
Ava was a normal girl beside the fact that her and her friends ancestors were characters from the story 'Alice in Wonderland'. Ava and her friends started to hear voices in there heads. Curious about this Ava started looking up...
19 reads 13 readers 2 by Mad_Hatter13
A deadly love life
Aria was just a normal girl living a normal life. Until she was walking home from school after seeing something that scared her.
76 reads 23 readers 5 by Mad_Hatter13
High School Love
Alana and her brother ,Alex, are new at Cold Water High. Her adventure at this school is more exiting everyday.
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