The Fog

The Fog

The Fog was just an urban legand for some people ,but if you were to experience it first handed you knew that everything about the fog was real and not just some old urban legand that someone made up.

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Chapter 1.

Monster are really

Sunday night
11:45 p.m.

        A 17 year old girl was walking home from a hard day at work. She decided to take a short cut through the dark scary forest. As she walked she heard owls screaming ,wolves howl ,wind shaking the trees ,and twigs breaking by the animals walking on them. Fog started to roll in like a car in a race. It was large and white cover the ground making the young girl not able to see where she was going. Its height grew at a huge rate cover the sky. The fog was like a blanket cover the earth. She looked around trying to find where she was going. Then she stepped in a slimmy substance making a squish sound. Reaching her hand down she touched the substance with her index finger and thumb. Rubbing the substance between her finger she felt how gross it was. She heard something like a snake moving on the ground. She turned around and the sound dissappered. Turning back around something jumped in front of her making a terrible scream.

Monday morning
6:30 a.m.

        I woke up from a very deep sleep. Opening my eyes I razed myself up to see my older brother standing by my bed with a cup in his hands. Pulling the covers off my legs I slid them to the right side of my bed. Placing my feet on the wooden floor cold shot up my feet freezing them. Standing from the bed I walked over to my brother. Standing in front of my 6 foot brother I grabbed the cup of water out of his hand. Raising the cup of water to my partched mouth I took a sip of the water. It made my thirst go away in an instant. As I finished taking a sip of the water I got on my toes and raised the cup of water over my brothers head. Tilting the cup of water to his head I watched as the water left the cup and splashed on his head. His eyes were closed and hands were up in the air while his wet hair laid in front of his face as water dripped from the stands of his hair. Walking away from him I opened my closet pulling a pair of clothes out and walking to my bathroom as my brother yelled at me.

        Turning my shower on I waited for it to heat up and took every article of clothing I was wearing off. Checking the water ,it was perfect. Stepping into the shower I wet my hair and put shampoo in it. Scrubbing my scalp good enough I placed my head under the water and got all the shampoo out of my hair. Placing conditioner in my hair I started to run my fingers through my hair as the water hit it. Then I grabbed some body wash and scrubbed my body down with it. After I washed all of it off I hopped out of the shower and grabbed a towel drying my body off with it. Grabbing my clothes I placed every article of them on my body. Grabbing my brush I brushed it through my long ,purple hair. Opening my bathroom door I felt the cold air come in and the warm steam leave. As I walked to my dresser I grabbed the hair drier and dried every strand of my long ,purple hair.

        Got out of bed ,check. Took a shower ,check. Did my hair ,check. Uniform on, check. Watched the news while eating food ,not checked. As I opened my door and walked out ,I closed my room door. Down the stairs I go to see my brother on the couch eating bacon and watching the news. This was a shocker he never watches the news in the morning ,well he usually does nothing in the morning anyway. I walked into the kitchen and smell the amazing aroma of bacon. Walking to the table that had a plate of bacon on it ,I took it. Walking out I went to the couch and sat next to my brother. Eating my bacon I started paying attention to the news.
News Report
"Last night a murder was found. A young girl was walking home from work at 11:40 and was murdered. Her face is burnt off by acid and body was clawed all over. So far no one knows who this is or how any of this happened. We'll have more information at 6."

        I looked over at my brother who was starring at me. He had a look of shock on his face ,so did I. Getting off the couch I walked into the kitchen and put my plate away. Walking to the front door I grabbed my sneakers and put them on waiting for my brother. As he sat down and put his shoes on I stood up. As my brother was done I grabbed the golden door handle and turned it pushing the white door open. Stepping out of the house I felt the cold wind kiss my cheeks as I walked over to my brothers car. Opening the door I sat down in the passangers seat and waited for my brother to get in ,when he did we left and went to school.

Ariving at school I stepped out of the car to see my friends at the front of the school. Running up to them at a great speed I jumped on Sho's ,one of my guy friends, back.
"Sup weirdo."(me)
"Hey Sage."(Sho)
"Watcha doing."(me)
"Going to class you want to come?"(Sho)
"Not really."(me)
"Well to bad. Aren't you afraid people will see your panties?"(Sho)
"I've got shorts on pervert."(me)
We all burted out into laughter at me calling Sho a pervert.
"So how is everyone else doing?"(me)
"Pretty good."(Haven)
"Better than yesterday."(Tyson ,Tye for short)
"I'm hungry."(Aria)
"When are you not hungry?"(Sho)
"When I get done eating."(Aria)
"Guess you right. Come on lets get this day over with."(me)

        I jumped off Sho's back and we all started to head to class. As we walked I seen my older brother going inside his classroom getting surrounded by girls. I rolled my eyes and walked to class.

        Class started and it was so boaring. We did nothing the whole class but talk ,since the teacher sleep. We never do anything in our first three classes. We usually do things our last two which is physical education ,P.E., and art. The classes need to get here earlier. I turned over to talk to my friends ,when I heard something strange behind me.

"Did you hear about the girl who was killed last night?"(girl 1)
"Ya her face was burned and body was clawed. They never could tell who the girl was."(girl 2)
"It was such a sad thing that happened. I really wonder who the girl is."(girl 1)

        I heard about that this morning. I really would like to know what happened to that poor girl and who she was. I then told my friends about it. Aria and Tye had known about it but the other two did not. We talked about this until the bell rang.

~~~Time skip P.E.~~~

        Walking into the girl locker room I changed into my gym clothes and walked out. I seen the popular girls outside of the gym along with the nerdy girls ,the loners ,and my friends. Walking over to my friends we headed to the trake feild. Our teacher was waiting for us at the bottom of the hill where the girl's trake field lyes. I seen the boys playing baseball on their feild ,which was beside the girls's softball field. I could not see if Sho and Tye were on the same team. I hope they are or that would be a really bad game.

        As I was walking down the hill while looking at the boys I accidently tripped and fell. I started rolling down the hill rapidly fast ,then my ankle started to hurt really bad. Reaching the bottom of the hill I held my ankle tightly in my hands and started examining it. The teacher ,Aria ,and Haven came running to me to see if I was okay.

"Are you ok Sage?!"(Haven)
"My ankel just hurts really bad. I think I tripped on something."(me)
"Are you sure? There didn't look like anything that would trip you."(Aria)
"I felt something trip me."(me)
"Well remove your hands from your ankle so we can see the problem."(Teacher)

        I did as I was told and removed my hands from my ankle. I seen blood on my hand ,so I looked down at my ankle to see three scratch marks on my ankle. They looked really deep in my skin. More blood oozed out of my skin and the teacher yelled for one of the boys to come over here. I seen Sho run over to me at a great speed. The teacher had told him to take me to the nurses room. Sho picked me up and ran to the nurses room. Opening the door I never seen the nurse so Sho placed me on the bed ,and grabbed the first aid kite. After Sho had bandaged my foot I fell into a deep sleep.

        I was on the cold ,hard ground the grass was tickling my arms. I opened my eyes to see nothing but fog. It was like a blanket covering the earth trying to keep it from being cold. I got up off the ground and stood on my feet. I heard a snake slither on the ground. I turned around to see nothing but the fog. Turning back around I seen a monster! Its eyes were black ,teeth were razor sharp ,and skin looked burned with the color of green and some pink on it. The monster pushed me down on the ground ,and creeped closer to me ,like it was trying to scare me. It bent down beside me and placed its hand in front of its mouth. Green substance started to go in between its fingers. Pulling my shirt up where my stomach showed. It placed its hand on my skin. My skin started to burn and everything went back.

        I woke up in a sweat and pulled my shirt up looking at my stomach. A hand print was there. It looked like it was burned in there. I felt pain where the hand print was. I was in extream pain. The pain went up and down my body. There curtain flew open and I seen the monster. I was truly horiffied at him now. Something from my dream has now became a reality. It approched me and I screamed hopeing someone ,ANYONE, would come save me from this beast ,from this monster!
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