A deadly love life

A deadly love life

Aria was just a normal girl living a normal life. Until she was walking home from school after seeing something that scared her.

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Chapter 1.
How it all stsarted

How it all stsarted

Pinned to the cold,hard ground. The hooded man was on top of me ,with one of his hands he held both of mine above my head and his other hand was holding a knife to my throat. Wanting to scream I couldn't instead I cried silently but I managed to ask him a question.
"W-who a-are....y-you?"(me)
Pulling the hood from his hoodie back I was shocked to see who it was.

Earlier that week

I was with my friends on the roof ,of my school. They were talking about boys. When they would laugh I would. I never talked about boys because it was never interesting to me. All the girls would talk about is when they went on dates with the boys and how hot they were. I have never dated a guy so I never knew a lot about what they were talking about. A lot of times I would ignore them. I would imagine what it would be like if I dated a guy.

"Hey Aria quit spacing out."(Lila)
"So anybody you like yet?"(Katrina ,Kat for short,)
"No you guys should know that. Besides if I ever like a guy nothing would happen ,like always."(me)
"Seriously girl we need to get you a guy. Let's go out after school and look for a guy."(Lila)
"Sorry girls I have office work today."(me)
"Did you offer or is it your turn?"(Kat)
"Seriously you are there everyday."(Lila)
"Well at least I can tell you if there is a new kid."(me)
"Yeah you got a point there. Is there any new kid."(Kat)
"I don't know I'm going there after this."(me)
"Really why?"(Kat)
"I am free for the rest of the day."(me)
"You stink we both have more classes."(Lila)

Lila hit me on the arm and the bell went off. Walking out separate ways I went to the office. Going threw files I noticed a piece of paper. Looking at it I seen the following words.

'New students coming on the 13 of this month. One is in high school the other is in elementary. High schoolers schedule is with his forms.'

This is the first time I am hearing of a new student then I heard someone talking.
"Excuse me I am here to pick up my child's schedule."(woman)
"Drew Colon."(woman)
I grabbed a file that said "Drew Colon". Opening it I see his schedule. He had the same classes as me. I pulled the sheet out and handed it to the woman. She walked out of the office and my eyes followed her. She was walking with a boy that had black hair ,blue eyes ,and black clothing? I seen a girl ,she looked like she was just about to start school, she had blonde hair ,green eyes ,and was wearing all pink. Then Mrs. May came in.
"Aria have you met the new boy?"(Mrs. May)
"His mother came in and got his schedule."(me)
"He will be going to this school starting tomorrow."(Mrs. May)

An hour later school was over ,and I was done with work. Walking outside I grabbed my phone and started texting my friends.
"How's it going loser."(Lila)
"Is there any new kid?"(Kat)
"Haha and yes his name is Drew Colon."(me)
"Sweet you guys want to met at the park."(Kat)
"Ya!"(Lila and me)

Walking to the park I seen my friends. Lila's brown hair that was up in a pony tail was shining as the sun's beams came down on it. Kat's long blonde hair was blowing in the  wind. I started to run to them. Walking they started looking at all the boys in the park and were asking me if I liked them. I just ignored them. They said since I was not having fun I could go in a tree ,and draw while listening to music. When the two were done ,with whatever they were doing, they said they would text me. I walked off and found a great tree. I seen something on the other side. It looked like the new boy ,but I decided to ignore it and climb up the tree. I grabbed my sketchbook out of my bag and plugged my earphones in.

Sometime later I had one more thing to do with my drawing. Finished. It was beautiful. Looking over it to see if I had done anything wrong I felt something hit me ignoring it went back to going over the drawing. I felt my phone vibrate and looked at it. It said "Get your a** down hear. We have been trying to get you." Looking down is seen a very mad Kat and a annoyed Lila. Giggling I took my earphones out and jumped down. Putting my sketchbook in my bag I walked with my friends back to my house. Walking through my door Lily ,my step-mother, greeted me.

"Welcome home sweet heart."(Lily)
"Thank you Lily."(me)
I was at the steps when Lily asked me a question.
"What do you want to eat for tonight?"(Lily)
"I was going to eat out with my friends."(me)
"Have you asked you dad."(Lily)
"No I have not asked father."(me)
"Well don't you think you should and call him you dad not father."(Lily)
"I don't need to do what you say!"(me running up the steps)

Running to my room I closed the door and locked it. I jumped on my bed and layed down. I don't need to do anything she says she is not my mother and she never will be. She need to stop telling to call father dad. He is not my real father. When I was a baby my real parents did not want me they just left me at the front door of fathers house. I was raised by him. Father lived with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Kate. They would also help but my favorite person to go to was Uncle Jimmy. Father told me that Uncle Jimmy was adopted into the family like me. Uncle Jimmy was about 11 when he was adopted. I will accept Uncle Jimmy more like a father than my father. Growing up these three people were my family. Well at least that's what father told me.

I only wish they were my real family maybe I would love them like one. Except Uncle Jimmy I do love him like family. By the time I was 11 father started dating. He never found the right girl except for 1 year and 3 months ago. He met Lily. I hated her! She took everything from me. I left my home ,my friends ,and my
aunt and uncle because of her. She said she wanted to live by her parents. What she really meant was 'I want to live by my dead parents who are 6 feet under ground.' Father did what she wanted and now we live beside a graveyard. I thought to myself that day 'I left my house ,my friends ,and aunt and uncle for this!' I have hated Lily ever since that day. Today makes the day they have been married for 1 month so Lily wants to do something for father. They only reason why she told me to ask father if I can go with my friends is so he wouldn't be worried about me if no one told him where I was at.

Pulling my phone out of my back pocket I started to text my friends.
"One of y'all come get me."(me)
"What why?!"(Kat)
"Did something happen at your house."(Lila)
"It's fathers and Lilly's one month anniversary so she wants to do something 'special' for him."(me)
"Ok get your things ready we will be over in a little bit."(Kat)
"Ok love you guys see you in bit."(me)

Getting off my bed I grabbed clothes my school uniform and bag. I grabbed my phone and texted father telling him I was staying with my friends tonight and for him and Lily to have a great time. Walking down stairs and out of the house I walked to the end of the drive way and on the street. Leaning against my wooded fence I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket. Sliding down the fence I grabbed my sketchbook out of my bag. Can't my friends go any faster. Now I don't even feel like drawing. I put my sketchbook back into my bag and looked up to see some people were moving in to the house across from mine. Looking at the people I seen the new kid that was going to go to my school tomorrow. Then I seen Kat's car right in front of me. Taking my headphones out I seen Kat step out of the drivers set and opened the door to the back set getting in. I got up and opened the trunk putting my stuff by Lila's. No wonder it took so long she went to get Lila first. Walking to the drivers side of the car I hopped in.

"Plug your phone up so we can listen to music."(Lila)
"Fine."(I said plugging my phone up to the car)
"Im in love with a killer."(Kat)
Doing what she said I played 'Im in love with a killer.' Turning the volume up really loud we all rolled the windows down. I seen the new boy look this way and I turned my head. This is embarrassing I really don't want the new boy to see me like this. I drove away quickly wishing he had never see me. I drove off to Kat's house. While I was driving only three houses down from mine I seen more people moving in. I could not get a good look at them but I can bet the kids will go to my school. Arriving in front of Kat's house I drove the car threw her drive way and parked the car. Stepping out I walked to the truck and opened it getting my bag.

"Hey I never knew you were getting a new neighbor."(Lila)
"I just found that out myself."(me)
"Why could you not stay at home."(Kat)
"Well what do you think people do on there honeymoon."(me)
"Ya i know what your talking about."(Kat)
"So what do you think they are going to do on their anniversary."(me)
"Thats gross no wonder you wanted to leave."(Lila)
"Ya lets just go inside."(me)
Kat grabbed her house key and unlock the door.
"Where are your parents at Kat."(Lila)
"Business trip they will be gone from three months."(Kat)
"Lets get inside and talk about other things."(me)

We all walked inside and up to Kat's room. I looked at the time and it was 7:00. Man that was quick. I told the girls I would make them something to eat so I went down stairs and into the kitchen. What to make? What to make? Since it is late I'll just make popcorn chicken. Its quick and I don't have to do much. I walked to the freezer and grabbed the popcorn chicken. I also seen fries so I grabbed those to. Grabbing something to put them on I placed some of them on it and put them in the oven. I sat down at the table and started to play on my phone. After some time the food was done I called Kat and Lila down stairs. We all ate the food and laughed at random jokes. Lila choked a couple of times from the laughter. It got later and later as we talked. I really don't know what happened after because I fell into a deep sleep.
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