High School Love

High School Love

Alana and her brother ,Alex, are new at Cold Water High. Her adventure at this school is more exiting everyday.

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Chapter 1.
The fist block experience

The fist block experience

I was walking to my new school with my brother ,Alex. My black hair was down with my gray hoodie over it. I was wearing my hoodie, a white shirt, black jeans, and black converses. Alex's hair was blowing in the wind and he had on a green jacket, a white shirt that had the words Avenged Sevenfold on it, black jeans ,and black vans. It was 6:40 in the morning so my brother and I did not talk much while we were going to school. I yawned because I was so tiered ,and Alex looked at me.

"What time did you go to sleep last night?"(Alex)
"Around 3."(me looking at Alex)
"Alana you should really get more sleep."(Alex)
"Ya I guess I should."(me)
"Hey it looks like we are here."(Alex)

I looked up to see a school that looked like it was four stories high and there were two buildings around it. The first one ,the one on the left, was brown with nothing written on it. The second one ,the middle one, was white and said Cold Water High School. The third one ,the one on the right, was brick and said Cold Water Gymnasium. I was amazed at how big this school was. It might even be bigger in the back. While I was standing there amazed by the school Alex called for me to come with him. I ran to him going inside the school. It was even bigger inside than it looked when we were outside. The walls were white and had pictures all over them. It was amazing that we could go to this school. Lucky for me and Alex we came here the third week of the school year so we could do sports or join a club.

We walked in to the principals office so we could get our schedule. Some woman told us it would just be a few more minutes for him to get here. I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I was normally shy around people I did not know ,but my brother was the complete opposite. He was out going ,while I didn't care that much. I was the one who liked to go on adventures ,while my brother hatted the thought of it. We were like black and white. Even though we were opposite we would always spend time with each other. A man in a black suit and a checker tie opened the door. I giggled making sure the man did not hear me. Alex elbowed me in the arm telling me to stop.

"I am the principal. So you two are Alex ,and Alana Lambert."(principal)
"Yes sir."(Alex)
"Well here are your schedules and I will bring two people to show you around."(principal)
"Why do you need two people to show us around?"(I said nervously)
"After first block you two will have different classes so both of you will need someone to show you around. Mrs. Kimmy call for Marcus ,and Cain Colon to come to my office"(principal)
"Yes sir."(Mrs. Kimmy)

I was shaking at the thought of being separated from my brother ,and being with some random person. The door opened and reviled a two boys one with red hair ,and green eyes. He was wearing a black jacket ,black shirt ,blue jeans, and red converses. The other one had black hair and red eyes ,and was wearing a black jacket ,black shirt ,black pants ,and black converses.

"Boys you will be showing our new students to their classes after first block. Cain you will be showing Alex around ,and Marcus you will be showing Alana around."(principal)
"Yes sir."(Boys)

We left the office walking to the lockers. Alex was talking to the boys while I stayed behind them looking for my locker. I spotted it and walked over to it ,and the boys never knew until they got to Alex's locker. Marcus ran to where I was and I closed my locker with my binder in my hands.

"How did you know how to open the locker?"(Marcus)
"It was easy to figure out. Now where is the math class."(me)
"Hey Alana will you help me open my locker!"(Alex)

I walked over to my brother leaving Marcus behind. I grabbed the lock and put in the code. It did not open so I tried it again. Still nothing so I had an idea. Since I am good at picking locks I would try that. I put in 24-18-35 and that was it. I opened the locker and moved so my brother could put his stuff up. I turned around to face Marcus.

"Where is math?"(me)
"What's got you in a rush?"(Marcus)
"Just tell me where it is."(me)
"First you have to give me a kiss."(Marcus)

I turned my hand into a fist ,but I realized I should not start a fight in school so I undid it. I turned to Cain and looked at him.

"Where's math?"(me)
"Last door on your left."(Cain)
"Thanks."(me with a smile on my face)

I walked down the hall and opened the door ,and everyone looked my way. I walked through the door.

"Hello you must be one of our new student. I am Mrs. Carly your math teacher. You can sit in the back by the window."(Mrs.Carly)

I walked over to my seat and everyone was staring. I hatted being the center of attention. I sat down and the boys came in looking at me. I held up a peace sign with a smirk on my face. Alex sat in the seat next to me ,Marcus beside him ,and Cain beside Marcus. The teacher announced she would be right back. Someone said that she would be gone for the rest of class like always. I grabbed my phone and put my headphones in looking out the window. I felt one of my headphones come out of my ear. I turned to see that Alex put it in his ear. I grabbed the string and yanked it out of his ear. I was about to put it back in my ear when Cain stood beside me.

"Alana I am sorry for what my brother said."(Cain)
"Don't worry about it."(me)
"What are you listening to?"(Cain)
"Talk Dirty."(me)
"Can I listen?"(Cain)

Cain pulled up a chair and grabbed the headphone. We both sat our heads on my desk and started humming the song. I was shocked he know this song. He did not look like he listen to this music. Suddenly Cain yelled out 'Talk dirty to me' and everyone started laughing even me. The only person who ever made me laugh was my brother. I seen Marcus mouth to his brother 'What the hell are you doing. I called her.' I felt anger at his words but then I heard Cain whisper 'You can't clam a person plus I am trying to be her friend unlike someone.' Marcus came over to him and picked him up by his shirt making the headphone come out of his ear. Marcus started punching Cain. Cain started bleeding and nobody would do anything. Marcus stopped and went back to his seat. People acted like nothing just happened. I walked in front of Cain and held out my hand. "Come on I will help you to the nurses office." I said in a soft voice. He grabbed my hand and I pulled him up putting on of his arms over my shoulder. We walked out the door and went to the nurses office. I opened the door and sat him on the bed. There was no one in there so I had to treat his injures myself.

"Are you ok?"(me)
"You don't need to worry about it."(Cain)
"Why not?"(me)
"It happens a lot."(Cain said as I put the last band-aid on him)
"Open your mouth so I can see if any of your teeth are missing."(me)

Cain opened his mouth and I looked around nothing was missing there was just a lot of blood. Why would Marcus do that to his brother. No siblings should do that to each other. I sat down beside Cain and put one headphone in my ear and the other in his. He looked at me shocked and I just smiled. We laid down listening to music until the bell rang. He found Alex and went the opposite direction of me. I went to the classroom to get my binder. I opened the door to see Marcus kissing some girl with blonde hair and brown highlights. Her hand were on his shoulder and he was just standing there. I ignored them and grabbed my books. Marcus and the girl finally got done kissing ,and Marcus turned around looking at me.

"What are you looking at?"(Marcus)
"An ass who just hurt his brother and is not sorry about it."(me)
"He asked for it! Why are you backing him up anyway."(Marcus)
"Man your so pathetic."(me)
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I almost cried at chapter six!
on March 30, 2019
OMG I love this story so much!!
if only my guy was like that.... :/
LOL! Me to.
on March 30, 2019
Ikr I want this to happen to me too!!
on January 18, 2015
on October 02, 2014
thanks I'm glad you like it
on June 05, 2014
Ok I will do my best to make more
on May 31, 2014
Pretty cool. Care i had some similar ideas. I'll credit you
on May 30, 2014