Blood Lust

Blood Lust

Watching tears emerge from her dark red eyes, my heart sunk in a dark area. Nothing could make her happy again. Her life had been ruined with my help. Trying to wrap my strong arms around her, a powerful fist landed into my cheek and threw me around the room. In pain, I watched as the girl I love stand in front of me with her old dangerous red eyes surrounded in a sea of black.

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Chapter 1.
Hateful Memories

Hateful Memories

Four children ran around the bright green yard. Wind running through their youthful hairs while laughter filled through out the air. One of the four children was little ole me with my short black hair and red eyes darting at the young life full girl in front of me. My pale small arms stretched out at her trying to catch her in my grasp. My black tee shirt and black shorts had been covered in dirt, but my mind focused on catching the girl in front of me.

Her long red hair blew in the wind as her red eyes darted at me with a bright white smile urging me to try harder and harder to catch her. Her black skirt blew in the wind while the skirt tied down her dark blue shirt. Her pale skin radiated off the sun so beautifully. Running around with Makayla, her brother and my sister made my child hood perfect. Everything was perfect until that day.

Waking up, I felt the dark moons rays dancing on my pale skin as my dark leather jacket blew carefully in the wind. My stomach growled in hunger as I watched people walk around hugging on each other. Gagging, I grew sick of people kissing and loving on each other. I felt my eyes change dark red with black surrounding them. By my eyes, any one around this city knew I was a ghoul. However, the mask helped make sure the cops could not find us. Not like I am trying to fit in with the humans. They are food. Nothing more.

Glaring down at a lonely girl in the alley, I jumped down off the roof and stood in front of her. Smiling evilly, I grabbed my large pale finger against her neck and pushed her against the wall. Her hands clinched onto mine trying to get me to release my hands. Laughing, I quickly broke her neck with my fingers as her body grew limp. I hate when my prey moves or screams. Biting into her neck, her red blood surrounded in my mouth along with her pale flesh. As I continued to eat on her, a sweet, bitter taste emerged inside my mouth. Her blood tasted hurried, but I was too hungry to care.

My emotions had been crushed years ago when Makayla left me alone. We had been working together for the King when the King sent her on a mission. I have not seen her in two years. I am not even sure she is alive. The dark painful memories caused my appetite to grow full. Throwing her body to the side, I hear two feet fall from the sky. Looking at the shadows in the alley, I watched as a woman walked towards me slowly.

Her dark red hair laid down her back carefully as her tight black leather jacket hug onto her curves on her torso. Black skinny jeans hugged on her legs while her black long boots stomped on the ground. One problem appeared in my head, the woman's mask appeared to be similar to what a kagune would look like. A kagune is a ghoul's signature weapon that shows just how powerful one is. The mask was a mixture of red and black and covered her entire face but her ghoul eyes. All masks symbolize what we are, and the mask she is wearing symbolizes a powerful ghoul.

"Must you waste your food?" the girl commented staring at the half eaten girl with her intestines hanging out of the gaps in her body.

Laughing, I added, "What gives you the right to judge what I eat?"

"I suggest you put a mask on, or the police will kill you." she urged in a emotionless attitude. What gave this girl the right to tell me what to do? Licking the blood off my fingers, a chuckle emerged from my vocal chords.

"Kill me? I highly doubt that will happen." I mentioned as two dark blue and black colored large wings appeared out of my back.

"Don't make me laugh. I have no intention in fighting you." A dark bitter voice appeared out of her mouth as she said those words. If she did not want to fight, why is she even here? Did the thought of me feasting on a girl enrage her or what?

"Then, what brings you here?" I ask looking at her interested in who she is.

"Doesn't matter." Her cold voice answered as her body turned away from me.

"Who are you?" I asked another question. I have not seen a ghoul like her in this city before. But, I needed to know.

"You do not need to know." A cold answer roared out of the mouth of the girl. How rude can she get? I have not done anything to her. Gazing at her, I felt my body grow more curious over the girl in front of me.

"Why not? I have no intention of reporting you." I commented curiously. My main goal was to get her to stay longer. Maybe, I could learn more about her, or I could scare her away.

"You annoy me with your questions. The police call me the Red Death." She finally said jumping on the walls and running away.

The Red Death? Where have I heard that name before? Standing in the alley, I heard footsteps running towards me. Turning around, a bright red haired boy glared at me with his ghoul eyes. His pale skin covered in blood while his black clothes were ripped. Hiro had always came to me any time he needed me especially since Makayla, his older sister, has been missing from the clan.

"D-did y-y-o-o-u se-e-e th-at gi-rl?" Hiro exhaustingly asked with his bloody hands on his knees.

"Yes. Why, little man?" Confusingly, I wrapped my fingers around his head.

"That girl..She is.." Hiro could not bring out the words he was trying to say until he saw the half eaten girl. Pushing my hand off his head, he grabbed her intestines and quickly started eating on her while I cocked my eye brows up and glared at him confused. Blood squirted out of his mouth with each bite he took.

"So, what about the girl?" I suggested walking beside him glaring up at the dark black sky. Memories of Makayla hating the nights of no stars entered my mind. She always had that dark and light side of her. No one knew which one they were talking to. Glaring down at Hiro, I noticed just how much they were alike. Both enjoyed eating the insides more than the outsides. I know that is weird, but not most ghouls like that first. "I mean, she was beautiful, but why would the police call her the Red Death?"

Hiro dropped the half eaten liver as he looked up at me with his ghoul eyes wide open. Did I say something wrong? With red blood around his lips, he uttered, "The Red Death? It can't be!" Before Hiro could say who the Red Death really was, sirens roared around us. Dang it! Reaching in my jacket, my dark blue mask had lightening strikes on it and a creepy smile. Reaching in Hiro's shirt, I shoved a red mask with horns on it. Accidently, I made his red and black stone appeared out from his tee shirt. The stone was what Makayla gave him before she left. She told him she would always protect him with it.

Turning around, I saw the red and blue lights beaming in our eyes as a evil, psychotic laugh emerging from the lights. Oh, heck no. I know it is not him coming to me.
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I am giving this story to my best friend @MusicGuy12 I do not get on here much but he really likes the story.
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R.I.P girl who got her intestines ripped out
on April 03, 2016
Keep it up
on February 09, 2015
on February 09, 2015