Sword Art Online

This is the story of Syria and her adventure through Sword Art Online, with many others also.

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Sword Art Online
Chapter 1.
The begging of Anicard

The begging of Anicard

I look around me, hundreds, no thousands of people stand around me, and I know that I'm in Sword Art Online. My name is Syria (Si-re-a), I'm age fifteen, and I'm currently playing a VRMMORPG. I look around and take in the scenery and notice I'm the Town of Beggings. I know that because I was a beta tester, I was never the best beta tester, but I would always try my hardest to get to the last floor of SAO. Here in SAO they have a thing called Anicard which you have to defeat by battling monsters and defeating bosses, that's how you get to the last floor. It has been my dream to defeat Anicard and defeat SAO and now, since I was a beta tester I know I can do it, I can defeat SAO! My avatar is a girl with brown hair and the starter outfit for the girls in SAO.

I then decide it would be best to train to raise my level in SAO. I grab my starter sword and get a good grip on it. This is where monster should appear, and the I see something charging at me, it's blurry and coming fast, in shock that I found a monster so early I freeze. It's now about a yard/meter away so I hold out my sword, take a stance, and now it's so close it's now or never. I swing my sword seeing that it had hit my target successfully. I earn five levels and I don't stop there I keep going until I'm level twenty five. I run back to the Town of Beggings to upgrade my sword to have more attack damage. When I'm at the town of Beggings I notice there are a lot people there, I guess that there will be a message going on soon.

Then I see him, the creator of the game, Akihiko Kyaba, the creator of the game. I stare at him, why would he be here at this moment, there has to be an important message about to happen. I stared at him I looked around and notice that everyone wasn't staring at him, they were staring at a mirror. I looked down and noticed I had a mirror also. It was... Me! It couldn't be me I didn't make sense. I don't know how to accept that this is happening, but I do, maybe this is just a new feature they didn't have in the beta test, I can understand that, maybe they just wanted to add new things to the game. Then he explains that you can't logout, and if you die in SAO, you die in real life also. I feel like my life is not in my hands anymore, but Akihiko's hands. I quickly run to upgrade my sword to the best sword the have in the Town of Beggings and run to my training field. As I run to go train I can hear people crying, to have a game possibly kill them is a ridiculous way to die, but I won't let it happen to me. At that moment I slay another monster.
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