Evolve From The Truth

Evolve From The Truth

Monsters of all shapes and sizes have taken over the Earth for twenty years. Each country has observed these creatures discovering their names and abilities along with the countries working together. But, Raven, an elite monster fighter, knows something about the monsters that could change everything.

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Chapter 1.
Just A Normal Day

Just A Normal Day

Glaring at the night sky, I felt the cold ground under me rock and rock. Raising my tired body up from the ground, I saw little runner monsters hurrying through the canal. Runner monsters were weak little monsters who were scared over their own shadow, but something apparently had spooked them. Grabbing my gun beside me, I held in tight in my arms with my finger on the black trigger. Before I decided to shoot, I heard the annoying noise of my friend, Roger, riding on top of the runner monster. His medium length black hair blowing in the wind as a smile glowed on his pale face. Pulling my long black hair out of my face, I put my gun on my hip and jump down from the large rock with the help of my jet pack lowering me down.

Roger and I had been friends since the monsters came when we were three. Each of us were locked in a secure facility until we could be trained to fight at age twelve. Now, we are both twenty three fighting an unstoppable war against giant monsters.

"Hey, Rav! Come try this!" Roger yelled towards me with his black military armor holding onto his broad chest tight. Shaking my head, I realized just how much a child my friend is.

"You are twenty three years old, and you act like your are fourteen." Glaring at him, I noticed him looking at me with his light green eyes as he jumped off the runner monster. My icy blue eyes looked up at him as he stood in front of me.

"Oh, come on! These monsters are fun." Roger commented walking towards the base in the canyon.

"Until they get bigger." I mentioned as foot steps rocked the ground under us. Looking at a cave, we hurried and hid inside. Our mission was only to make sure all the signals in the area were operational. Due to this, we were not allowed to bring our major weapons except for a gun.

Creeping out of the cave, I noticed the long legged monster with a triangle shaped head stretching out his multiple tongues out. "What is out there?" Roger placed his hand on my black armor.

"Just a long legged walker." I shrugged watching the walker not move.

"Looks like he is enjoying his relaxation." Roger whispered trying to stay quiet. We were in an unknown cave with little weapons. Wonderful.

Looking deeper in the cave, I noticed something glowing bright. Lights of bright white glow exploded throughout the inside of the gave. Walking deeper inside, I noticed large bird like owl type creatures glowing on their wings and eyes. They were all crowded together not even noticing us.

"Well, at least we are safe." I calmed down watching the birds cuddle each other.

"Good thing it is watcher birds and not Goliath." Roger said placing his arms around his head.

"With the way you acted, we are lucky Goliath did not come!" I commented smiling as the watchers snuggled. Waters helped us track monsters if they eat too much. Monsters enjoyed eating other monsters, humans, and anything that contained blood.

Goliath is a strong monster that breathes fire and known for this area. Goliath has always ate, killed our hunters, and ran away before we could finish the job. Even the older hunters are so determined to kill him that they won't let us younger ones give it a try. Unlike his name, Goliath is not that big until he reaches his third stage. Each monster has three stages depending on how much they eat. A third stage monster is rare around this part due to the little amount of food in the area. Unless, someone counts us humans in than its a good food supply.

"You need to loosen up." Roger said walking to the watchers. I never known of a watcher to attack humans, but still Roger was going to be an idiot.

"I rather won't. Monsters are not things to be loose around." I added as the watcher hissed at Roger.

"Ok. Ok. I won't touch you." Roger placed his hands up walking away. I could not believe this idiot is a rank B. There are five ranks in the world of fighting monsters. Highest is an A while lowest is a F. Unlike Roger, I am a rank A, but I do not like being around rank A people. They are selfish, obnoxious, and annoying people. They always think they are better than the people under them.

"You are such an idiot." I suggested rubbing my eyes hearing my stomach growl. Oh, wonderful. I'm hungry.

"Says the one who is hungry." Roger added chuckling. When check missions come out, we are ordered to eat before we go out. No one knows what can happen on missions. If someone is lucky, it might take three hours. Unlike that, we have been out here for five hours, and I am hungry. That is what I get for letting Roger check the last signal and taking about a hour!

"Shut up. I can't help I'm hungry." I ordered walking to the entrance of the cave.

"Maybe you should eat." Roger mentioned. Oh, trust me. I will. Looking out of the cave, I noticed the walker had disappeared, and no monsters were in our way home. Well, of course there were monsters, but no real threat monsters to be concerned about.

Shrugging my shoulders, I smiled at Roger and said, "I am going to check on one more signal I forgot! I will see you at the base."

Almost walking away, I heard Roger ask, "Are you sure?"

"I am an A rank. I got this." I smiled trying to calm him down.

"But, it is getting dark. What if a dangerous monster comes out?" He added showing signs of concern all inside his green eyes. Roger has always thought he should protect me.

Waving my hand at him, I giggled saying, "I will hide if  push comes to shove." While using my jet pack to fly me off, nerves set inside of me. What I was about to do was something that Roger did not need to see, or anyone else at the base for a matter of fact.
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