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Wild West Role Play
Saddle up, partners! We're saunterin' back in time to 1800's America, Manifest Destiny and the stars leadin' the way. Welcome to the town of Roland Pierce Flat, a right simple place. But be forewarned, outside the town there's ...
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The Bouregarde Manor(RP)
16 people came together to this manor. But in order to escape, they have to kill one of them for every trap that's set onto the manor. Who'll survive? And who said everyone will survive~ Each person would represent a fandom. If...
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Dark Circus RP
This is a rp like any other, it has a story line and characters but this one has a mystery behind it. The Dark Moon circus is a major attraction for people of all ages but most do not know what hides behind the make up and cost...
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You will be able to learn phrases, sayings, and words on this page. Once we have a certain amount of members, we will start teaching.
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Half Human RasPlaying
so this is a rolpaly for half human creatures like werewolves, fairies, harpies, anything that can take shape or is partly human... enjoy!
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girls just wanna have fun
this group is a room where you talk about girl stuff and no guys are allowed.
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Horror Movie Rp
This is a roleplay page where you create a character to drop into a horror movie situation. I will be the antagonist, and you will have to try and survive by making various decisions. But remember, you're in a horror movie so y...
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Qfeast Hotel
Check In To My Hotel Page, Make Yourself Very Comfortable Here On This.
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Costumes for The Upcoming Halloween Party!
Of course, Halloween is almost coming! Just post a pic of the costume you're going to wear, and who's going with who(doesn't need to be a date. Figures that there are a whole lot more girls than boys).
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Magical RP
For people who have always wanted to be a supernatural creature or have supernarural powers.
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Magical Creatures Role Play
All you need to do is create a character, list their features, powers etc. using the list I created, and role play the day away!
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Let's Debate
Pretty explanatory. You can debate anything to fandoms, relationships, politics, social lives, etc. Basic rules: these are debates not arguments (nothing anyone says is personal just their beliefs), all opinions and beliefs mus...
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Pirates And Roleplay!
So, today (where I am) is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. Why this day exists, I don't know. But, in honor of this day, I have decided to make a pirate roleplaying page. Literally, why not? So, if you make an OC, use these cat...
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Corpse party role-play
I love corpse party! Do u! We can role-play and make OCS too! ( Sorry I am really bored)
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This is a page to RolePlay on~ If you want to join ask to be a member and fill a fourm~!Make sure there isn't a lot of lovey dovey things, remember these are infamous murders were talking to and being. ENJOY~ Fourm- Name, Age...
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Creepy Monsters or Killers of the Night!~Roleplay
I was just bored, I made this up at the last minute. Hopefully you guys like this roleplay! Just post about name, age, personality, likes, dislikes,height(optional), looks(just post a pic!), and powers. You can choose any form ...
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Band Roleplay
Here you can roleplay and pretend you are a part of a band. You can either make up the band ad ask people to join or roleplay as a member of an already existing band and roleplay as the other members too!
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Creepypasta RP
Create your OWN Creepypasta, and DO NOT use one that already exists. Then, assign a already existing one to you two, just so the real ones get to be part of it too! Then, rp!
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The Titanic RPG
Climb Aboard! We will role-play the ship sinking on March 27th, 2015. That's in a long time, so focus right now on the entertaining parts of the Titanic. I will post a map of the Titanic activities all over the ship. Post a bio...
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The Qfeast Dating Website RPG
Here's how to sign up for the Qfeast Dating Website: 1. In your membership request, tell me a fake profile 2. Choose a Qfeaster of the opposite sex (Do not fake being a boy/girl, choose a REAL qfeaster. You can ask somebody ou...
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