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bookmark of demise project
The stories are based off of Japanese children's games and urban legends such as one-man hide and seek, doppelgangers, mearry's phone and monkey paw. On the normal, unchanging campus, it suddenly occurred; A murder case where a...
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Bad End Night
Well,this story was going to be based on my quiz i was going to do :DU but whatever!anyways...this is the real description A girl named lucy the rabbit is trapped in a house with four cannibal girls,and she is trying to find a ...
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This is about a girl(based on me) who starts dreaming almost evrey night,and her dream coming true,but not all her dreams are good ones,she also have nightmares.
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This is a advice for people who suffers of bullying,i hope ipthe advice works :)
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Vocaloid lyrics
Give me a request in putting the lyrics of your favriote song of the vocaloids!
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Heart without beat
This is about crystal the hedgehog past, and of course i changed her past because it didnt maked sences :/ so, here you go, hope you enjoy :3
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Ask matlen!~
Yeah i was bored,so i made this pic and created this(i accept dares too)
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Song for evreyone of qfeast
This is a song dedicated to evreyone,even qfeast,i hope you enjoy :D :)
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Meeting my sonic fan character
This story is for Revery contest(go visit her page if you want to participate)where is about of me,meeting my oc (crystal) in real life This Will be so awsome!X3
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Perfect two {crystal x daryth}
This is a crystal x dayth story,since they have met,i hope you guys enjoy ^_^ (Daryth is kameos oc)
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Touhou parodys ~sonic~
Ive seen songs of touhou,it really Looks so cool and i love it!thats why im doing this,also im doing a versiĆ³n of color,personality and a way that maybe would Make sences Anyways enjoy!
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Ask the creppypastas gang,crystal,remilia,Sophie and Kayla!
Hello evreybody!ask any creppypasta!example:slenderman,jeff the killer,ben,Masky,hoody,sonic exe etc.. You can also ask my too ocs crystal and remilia!and other too oc of too awsome friends,Sophie and kayla! These r also ship o...
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Touhou ~memories of phantasm~
Well this b*itch dosent LET me write Thanks to his or Hers rules!so find it out yourself...
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