This is about a girl(based on me) who starts dreaming almost evrey night,and her dream coming true,but not all her dreams are good ones,she also have nightmares.

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Chapter 1.
The beginning

The beginning

Today was a typical day,you know,waking up,dealing with your parents,going to school,come back and do homework,then go to sleep,but for some reason,i felt a precences that somthing new was going to happend,somthing that has never happend to a other person,im not sure...maybe its just one of my fantasys.I went to go take a bath after i finish my homework,changed into my monkey PJ then layed on my comfy warm bed and started to doze off until i fell into a deep sleep.

I started dreaming,dreaming about me and my cursh at the beach,in the sunset holding hand and hand,while we stare into our eyes,we both lean in a bit after he whispered in my ear "i love you" a smile grew in my face as we kissed,still holding hands.
To be honest i usually have these type of dreams,i just have always wish to meet my true love,it just feels amazing,knowing that there is a person that adores you,will always be there with you in the bad and good momments and will protect you by anything.

At the next morning i was hugging my pillow tightly against me,with a grin on my face while i drooled on it,imagining that the pillow was my crush,until my alarm clock woke me up,i gasped as i opened my eyes,sitting up i glared at the clock,i just wonder,why does evreything and evreyone has to wake you up at the best part?!i groaned unhappily as i stood up streaching then rubbed my eyes,today was friday,my favriote day of the weekend;i went to change in my uniform then make my hair a nice braid with my bang hanging there,i head to the car,so my mother could drive me to school,once i got there,i kissed her on the cheak and waved her goodbye while run inside of the school.I walked through the hallways,searching for my friends,faith and celeste,when i finally found them i waved them while smiling at them,they waved me back as i walked towards them.
Faith gaved me a big hug like always,she is the hyper and random girl of my friends,then i turned to see celeste smiling at me,she is the shy and innocent one.

I then recieved a message from my cush,marco,we are best friends,we knew each other sinces 4 grade,but i just couldent never confess my love,caude i was to shy to do that and plus,i perfer him,confessing for me,anyways,the message said "hey!so...me and my friends wanted to invite you and your friends to the beach tomorrow!wanna come?" Then i inmeditly answered "of course! Just let me ask the girls",i colsed my phone and looked over at the girls "marco just messaged me if we wanted to go to the beach tomorrow! I said yes though,do you guys want to go?" Faith shook her head inmeditly with a big grin as she jump up and down while she repeated. "YES YES YES!" Excidetly,then i turn to look at celeste,looking away,not really sure of going ot not "whats wrong?" I asked quietly,tliting my head a bit at her,then she replied "i-i....its just that....i dont know how to swim..." She murmued blushing brightly,embarresed to admit that and more sinces she is like 15 years old and still dosent know how to swim
Faith burst into laughter,while i quikly turn and glared at her making her stop laughing "sorry..." She mutterted looking away scratching her head,i turned again and i smiled kindly at her,placing a hand on her shoulder "dont worry,you dont have to swim you know?you can just do somthing else?" "No" celeste stated " i cant go anyways,i have chores to do so...." "Oh....*sighs*if you say so" i muterted then i bring up my phone to message marco "me and faith are going,celeste cant go because shes bussy"
After that message i hung up my phone and the bell ringed,so evreyone went in there classes,excited about tomorrow.
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Superb!waiting for more!
on April 27, 2015