Perfect two {crystal x daryth}

Perfect two {crystal x daryth}

This is a crystal x dayth story,since they have met,i hope you guys enjoy ^_^ (Daryth is kameos oc)

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Chapter 1.

When we met

You must be wondering how i met daryth,and how we fall in love...well right now ill tell you guys our story
~It all begin in a normal sunny day at mobians~
I-i was at my house a-alone,for some r-reason scream di-didnt come to visit me,i was relieved,so now i could be outside enjoying the sun and maybe spend time with my friends,now that it sunday,so i went to put on my typical cloth and hairstyle with my little earing,i went downstairs to eat breakfest.After that i finally go outside,i walked to the park and saw some orphan kids playing with a...well a very atractive guy.

It was a other typical  day in the orphanage,i woke up quikly because people was going to come to see us and adopt somone!i tryed to look nice,so they could adopt me,but,it didnt work,instead they adopt babies,i wasent suprised that i wasent adopted,but i was still upset;one of the staff told me to go to the park and play with the kids,i smiled sweetly like always and nodded as i go to the park with the kids.We were playing tag until i saw a beatiful girl walk to the park,and i think that shes staring at me!we were making eyecontact until she broke the conection,she looked kinda shy,kinda like me,after that i just continued playing with the kids.

Crystal:*she went to sit down on a bench,as she tryed not to make eyecontact with the stranger again,as she watched how he played with the kids*
Daryth:*he was playing with the kids and somtimes he turned his head to see if crystal was still there*
Crystal:mind:wh-why was he lo-looking at me?do i-i have somthing in my face?...i think i sh-should talk with him...*she sighed quitly as she slowly stood up and walked towards him*h-hello...
Daryth:*he was confused when he saw her walk towards him,it also make him nervouse*h-hello...
Crystal:i-i guess your g-good with kids hu?
Daryth:hehe,yeah,there from the orphanage,including me
Crystal:your en orphan?
Crystal:o-oh....we-well if you want i-i can adopt you mind:what am i saying?!
Daryth:really?!*he said happilly,not believing that somone will finally adopt him,as he grab her both shoulders smiling*
Crystal:*she blushed as he grab her shoulders,then looked away*y-yes...
Daryth:oh my,rhank you so much!*he yelled out as he grab her hand*come on!ill take you where the orphanage is so you can sign the papers!of course your 18+ right?
Daryth:alright then lets go!

I am so happy right now!i cant believe somone is finally adopting me,i dont even know how to thank this girl!wait,i dont even know her name...well ill ask her later!

I feel sorry for this boy that have been living here for so long,i couldent help but say yes!even though if i adopt him he may want to go back to the orphanage when he discoveres my other side...and scream....oh god what kind of trouble i just got into...

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