This is a advice for people who suffers of bullying,i hope ipthe advice works :)

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Stay strong and stop bullying

So,i want to give a advice to the people who always has this bastard who is always annoying and offending you,and i hope this works.
I want to say first that all the abusers,are cowards,cowards.
¿How to respond a people when they insult you?
You just have to return that kick in the @ss,ten times better,and if he or she gets to hit you,dosent matter,run away,um hide,grab a f*cking pole or anything that you think that will hurt,go behind him or her,and hit him or her on the head,but without regrets,withought regrets.
You know why?because the life is to short to be annoyed,and the life is also preciouse,until a bastard makes it,hard.
So now,when they insult you,you are searching for somthing to say,timely and smart,but that just makes your time waste,the invisable clock,amkes the hands move and the time stops and you couldent say the answer,you dont know what to tell him/her,does it hapend to you?okay,i have a advice.
Im going to tell you have to respond more quikly,so you can shut the f*ck up the other person...DONT OVERSTIMATE the answer awsome and smart,dont overstime your heart,dont lose in the laberinte of the mind wich is the organ most important of your body but also one of your worst enemy of evrey man and woman.
Tell them whatever your mind comes up,like "shut up cretic" or "shut up imbecil" "why dont you mess with your grandma"and if the person responds "my grandma is dead" then just say "well then,your deccesed grandma",does that take to much time to think that?
Somtimes people just FROOZE,thats the part where you have to fight,and if yourself,is demanding a awsome,smart a a answer of like the movies...its dificulting you a lot.
Im going to give you a example,um,in school,there was this kid who was always annpying me,offendi g me,then when i turn and i ask him "what did you say?" And the other person was like "no no nothing *giggles"" i respond "no,now you tell me what you said"so the perosn kinda gets nervouse and still refuse to tell me,havent this happend to you when you just dont get to hear well somone,becuae your mind is to bussy to deal with some bastard,and then you adk him or her,they are aleays responding "no no nothing XD" they are like,its just that you cant undertsand of my awsome brain,so then u can respond "ok then if your a fag,why cant you tell me in the face?infront me,look i dont give a f*ck what you just said,but why dont you mess with other person?"since that day he never said me anything,he got nervouse.There was nothing awsome what i just said,i just defend myself.
You can also tell them,if it upset them,then just say "well your annoying me evrey day so i cant?go f*ck yourself"
You have to make that person who annoys you,stop.
So please dont freeze and think of a awsome frase,because there *snap*you lost...because if you say somthing that comes ride away from your mind,even though its not awosme,at finall its perfect!
So i hope this advice helped you.
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I guess it helps a bit....
on March 15, 2015