Touhou ~memories of phantasm~

Touhou ~memories of phantasm~

Well this b*itch dosent LET me write Thanks to his or Hers rules!so find it out yourself...

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Chapter 1.
Searching reímus donation box part 1

Searching reímus donation box part 1

~ a world witches existes quitly besides ours,seperaded by a mystical border.A utopía of humans and other beings....such has fairies,youkai,and gods lives peacfully together.Evrey summer There is a large feast at the shinre of reimu hakurei,the shinre maiden Who guards the border of Gensoyoko,and the shinri becomes filled with residents from all over gensoyoko.Summer is aprovaching gensoyoko once again this lets begin...suika was searching reimus Wind chime~
Suika (yamilttethehedgehog101):*singing and searching,then lifestyle her head and gasps in happines,then Looks at reimu and yells* reimu!i found the Wind chime!
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):WOW! * falls with a box she was carring*
Suika (yamiltethehedgehog101):reimu?
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):suika,could you grab that tube over There?*still in the floor*
Suika (yamilttethehedgeog101):*with a smilling face and puts her hand in her head looking side to side*where?There it is!
Reimu ( crystaldiamond2323):*sits down looking down* so much for prepaying the feast...only suika showed up to help
Suika(yamilttethehedgehog101):*falls with a box*aaahhh!
Reimu (crystaldiamond2323):suika?!*looks at her*oh dear this is gonna be a long day...
~now There outside~
Reimu (crystaldiamond2323):come on,we aré going now
Suika (yamilttethehedgehog101):*almost gonna fall*aahh!* then goes outside*
Reimu (crystaldiamond2323):*gives somthing to suika*hold on,okay?
Suika (yamilttethehedgehog101):sure!hey um reimu...
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):hm?*while closing a door with er keys*
Suika(yamilttethehedgehog):theres no sake in this...sake!sake!sake! *yelling and whining*
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):*face of anoyment*youll have plenty to drink in the evening..and i WILL...
Suika(yamiltethehedgehog101):hnmp!*looks away*
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):ill do the test,so you can go shopping for me,okay?*gives her a paper*here
Suika(yamilttethehedgehog101):yay!*takes it and goes*
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):and dont forget the change!
Suika(yamilttethehedgehog101):leave it to me!
~now reimu is carring some Stuffs to the backyard~
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):*cleans dust of her hands claping*thats it about for now,and then...and then...
~then sees her door of her house that supose to be a box There..but??it WASENT There~
Reimu (crystaldiamond2323):*horror face and then goes running to the front door*W-WHAT?!*lays in the floor*how can it...m-m-m my donation box!*walking and lays on somthing*gone..gone..gone*sigh*i cant find it anywhere,maybe Its been..
~aya was a side of reimu~
Aya(RoseHeart):stolen?*with a fingir up*
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):*nods with her eyes closed*yes stolen and...
Aya(RoseHeart): hmmm *face thinking*
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):*stands up*whoa!a-aya?!
Aya(RoseHeart):oh,good morning!
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):what aré you...
Aya(RoseHeart):but think about it reimu...Who in gensoyoko whould steal that donation box?
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):oh SHUT up!*looks away then Looks at her*it dosent matter or wheter for anything was in side,is mising!
Aya(RoseHeart):hard to believe,but it seems so..but never fear!ill Shall help you with the culprit!
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):oh,Its alright,i can hand le it myself,your just gonna take me pictures again,arent u?
Aya(RoseHeart):im a journalist!*puts a card in reímus face*u know?*puts the card away*my intelegence gathering abilitys aré the best in gensoyoko!ayways héroes the last scoop...
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):where should i start searching?*looking away*
Aya(RoseHeart):im not that worthy...
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):cant hear you..
Aya(RoseHeart):okay then!ill Bring you a asisten!
Aya(RoseHeart):please wait here,reimu
Aya(RoseHeart):ill be back in 5 seconds!
Reimu(crystaldiamond2323):what aré you going to..
Aya(RoseHeart):*puts card top of her head* FU-JIN-SHO-JYU!

Autor:sorry this take me that long anyways this is just part one see u next time!
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Are you going to write more? I'm on the edge of meh chair. .3.
on September 27, 2014
write more soon!
on September 06, 2014
awesome! i love my character:3
on August 30, 2014
on August 30, 2014