Heart without beat

Heart without beat

This is about crystal the hedgehog past, and of course i changed her past because it didnt maked sences :/ so, here you go, hope you enjoy :3

published on February 20, 20155 reads 5 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

my creation

Long long long time ago in mobian, eggman, mephiles, sonic or the others didnt existed, it was quite difreant then the mobians of now, it was a bit more poor,and people thinked difreant, there was also this king demon, who always murdered somone, sending his monsters evrey week, haunting and scaring people to death, there was this human named juniper, who was a profesor and with lots of money, she was very kind, smart and sweet,she was tired of the situation they were living that she gave evreone of mobian her money she had, she could give it to evreyone  becuse there was not so many people in mobians, with that money she gaved them, they gaved them ideas in creating new morden houses and stuff like that, they did as she said while she haded a other idea where she would create a heroe.
juniper pov.
I wasinmy labortory creating a new person, with the material i had and brain, blood and heart of a person,i was about to start until i heard fotsteps, i turned and gasped but then scowled when i saw the demon king that was aprovaching me, he peeked at my material and raised in eyebrow at me.
Demon king:what is this for?well, why should i ask? This is a new stupid invention of yours right?
juniper:its no stupid invention, its somthing that would help the world*she told him, still scowling at him as she crossed her arms*
Demon king:that is he part here p*sses me off, even though i bet, that your creation will be a froudd*he said with a chuckle, while juniper roled her eyes*but still, if you contniue this, i will curse you
juniper:*she was actually scaredd but tryed not to show it*whatever, do what you want with me*she said rolling her eyes and turningin her back*nlw would you mind, leaving?
demon king:you will regret this*he said scowling ag her  as he disapeared, returning to hs kingdom*
juniper:*she made a heay sigh once he left, she looked around then at her work and frowned*this is for mobians*she mutterted before going bzck to work, withought any inturumption this time*
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Yeah,i felt lazy in this chapter...
on May 16, 2015
Sorry for my bad grammer -.- im in this stupid tablet of samsung..
on February 20, 2015