Did You Do It?

Did You Do It?

This is a mystery story. It takes place at school and the main character is Beatrice. She tries to figure out who did the crime at school but meets some important people while do it...

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Chapter 1.

The Start

        I woke up in a cold sweat. I looked at my clock, it's three in the morning. I lay on my bed trying to comprehend what had happened in my dream. It was just all so surprising! I couldn't even believe I could even think of something like that!
        Because of that dream, I couldn't sleep. I'm scared I might have the same dream, again. I got up from my bed and went down to the kitchen. To my surprise, my mom was there too.
        That made me angry. I hated my mom. She never tried to take care of us at all. She only bought us food, kept us healthy, and that's it. You tried to ignore her but she tried making a conversation with you.
        "Hey, sweetie. Why are you up so late?" she slurred.
        Oh yeah, and did I mention she's always drunk or hungover. She had a beer bottle in her hand right now! It smells really bad in the kitchen because of her. I ignored her and didn't talk to her at all. She gave up on talking to me and I walked right past her, when back up stairs to my room, and drank the milk I got from the fridge.
        I decided I should go to sleep for school so I layed down on my bed and closed my eyes. Then I drifted off to sleep.
        My alarm went off as usual, at six in the morning. I got dressed into something I'd casually wear, black pants and a yellow t-shirt with the words "You ready this shirt...Or looking at my boobs?" I like a little bit of humor.
        You were walking to school, as always. You'd always see the same dog on while you did so. It'd always follow me until I got it school grounds. I wanted to keep it but I was afraid it would die faster in my house than at its state now.
        I reached the entrance of the building and then the bell for everyone to go inside rang. It was just my luck! I got to school just on time!
        I was so excited for my first period class, I really liked it there. I got to learn things about technology, sound, and audio. It was very interesting to learn these things, especially if you can use some of this stuff for a job. Did you know you can get a job for typing at least 60 words per minute? Cool, right?
        Since we had five minutes until class started, I took out my favorite book. It's called "It Was Me?".
        The bell rang and I put away the book. Our teacher, Mr. Fink, then said, "Your homework today is to find a partner and make a song with them. Good luck!"
        I panicked. I didn't know anyone in this classroom! But I decided to choose someone later. When I got out the classroom, I went to my locker to put away my books. I screamed as soon as I saw my locker.
        Someone spray painted all over it! It said, "Watch Your Back, Punk!"
        I was so terrified. I told the principal and he was also shocked. "I wonder who did this." he said, "Threatening another student is against the school rules." then he turned to me and said sincerely, "We will find who did this and help you." and walked away.
        I didn't trust the principle in finding the criminal so, I decided I'm gonna find out who this crime, even if it took the rest of the school year.
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Write more of it!! Like, now. NOW NOW NOW!!!
on July 30, 2015
on July 27, 2015
Cool story
on July 27, 2015
on July 27, 2015