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Songs You Should Listen To
This is a story about songs that people have recommended I should listen to. Maybe they'll be good songs.
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Did You Do It?
This is a mystery story. It takes place at school and the main character is Beatrice. She tries to figure out who did the crime at school but meets some important people while do it...
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I Was Tagged.
I was tagged by Anharia and this is my story for everyone I tagged. Hope you guys know how to play!
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Western High
This is about a girl named Sarah going to a new school for highschool. She is struggling through love, life, and friends. Will the comfort of Drake land her a boyfriend or just in the friend-zone?
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The Creepypasta Gang
This is where you can ask questions to the Creepypastas such as Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Slender man, etc. I hope you ask away and enjoy the story!
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300+ followers!
This is for all of my followers that were kind enough to follow me. So, this is a story about you guys. Since I don't talk to all of you, some of you have to give me a list. Hopes you like the story!
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