When my dream came true

When my dream came true

This story features Shadow and his impossible love... Shadow x Maria shippers, that's for you! :)

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Everywhere on Mobius, the peace reigns. Since the interest to make wars or to take up the planet for a devilish plan disappeared, nobody anymore wants it to whoever . At least, nobody wants to kill nobody. But that does not mean that certain people hate other people! In brief, for the Christmas holidays, all the population of Mobius made a truce. Sonic and his friends celebrate Christmas in peace and calm...

*Ding dong!*
Sonic : Hello? Oh! Hey Silver, how you're doing? Hi Blaze!
Silver : Great! I have gifts for all you!
Blaze : Hi, Sonic.
Sonic *Talking to Silver* : Were is my gift?
Blaze *Talking to herself* : Im gonna see the other guys...
Silver *Talking to Sonic* : Hahaha! You will see your gift at the same time as the others!
Sonic : Oww...
Shadow : Sonic, close the door. It's cold here.
Sonic : Yeah yeah *closes the door*
Silver *screems* : SONIC! IM STILL OUTSIDE!!
Sonic *opens the door* : Haha, oops!
Silver : T_T
Sonic : Okay, so, everybody! Do you like the Christmas party?
Manic *Listening to TV* : NO! Christmas is destroyed! Cursed bad childrens...
Sonic : I guess it's yes...
Blaze : Hey Sonic... (and blablabla)

Everyone talks of everything with everyone... Like a chat circle!

Sonic : I hope we'll eat Chili Dogs for supper...
Cream : *Chuckles* Oh Mister Sonic, Chili Dogs aren't on the Christmas menu!
Sonic : Oww...
Shadow : Yeah, I prefer pies...
Cream : Ok!

After eating the Christmas dinner, The time to unpack presents came...

Sonic : I have the taste of Amy's tofu turkey in the mouth... Argh...
Silver : Stop complaining you and unpack your present.
Sonic : Argh.. What the... OMG!! Labels to put on my shoes! Thank you Silver! *Puts the labels on his shoes* WOW! These are beautiful!
Silver : I knew you would love them!
Shadow : What a BEAUTIFUL present T_T My turn, what I have for gift?
Silver : It's a special present...
Shadow *Unpacks the gift* : Okay, it's blue...
Sonic : Blue and Shadow? You have no taste, Silver.
Silver : Shut up.
Shadow : What the...

Shadow takes a blue tissue of the box and unfolds it. It's the blue dress which is familiar to him...

Shadow : You gave me... MARIA'S DRESS?!?
Silver : I know that you always think of her, then you can pretend that she is by your side...
Sonic : It was not a good idea Silver...
Silver : Why?
Shadow *Becomes red with anger* : You give me the dress of a girl who died for a long time?!? It is what your problem?!?
Silver : Hum...
Shadow : Chaos... grrr... grr...
Sonic *Cross his fingers* : Not blast, not blast, not blast!
Shadow : Relax...
Sonic + Silver : 0_0
Shadow : Im going in my room to meditate...
Sonic + Silver : 0_o

*In the room of Shadow*

Shadow *Throw the dress on his bed* : Maria... If only you were here, I would have been able to give you your dress... *Turn bright red* No! Don't think of these things! You perv... *Looks at the dress* Ahh... Why... Why?!? WHY ME?!?
Sonic *knocks* : Eh Shadow, can you calm down while you hum *cough* meditate? We don't hear the movie... T_T
Shadow : Yeah yeah. Shut up.
Sonic : All right, do what you want.
Shadow : Stupid hedgehog... Well, Im tired, I am going to sleep...

Shadow falls asleep next to the dress...

Unknown voice : Shadow! Shadow! Where are you?!? Shadow!

It will continue in the next chapter...
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