the fort under grond

this is completley random and kinda long im working on making the story short but whatever

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looney meet

looney meet

the fort underground chapture 1
"izabel" exclaimed  kathy her mom come on youll be late for shcool" kathy had'nt known that for the past few weeks izabel had escaped out her window and ran in the forest. "this feels nice" said izabel to her friend oliver "yes yes it does" said oliver  "oh no!" said izabel its 7:20 my mom is expecting me!  "oh ya i was supposed to knock on your door in 5 mins" said oliver, oliver and izabel ran threw the woods inhailing the clean crisp air "whooooooooooh" said izabel "nothing like being out side on a great hawaii morning" izabel climbed up the vine leading to the window of her bedroom she ran down stairs and hugged her mom gently then all of a sudden oliver knocked on the door " oh ill get it" said izabel she walked to the door and oliver ran in "come on now kids you can go now" said kathy "okay bye" said oliver and izabel as they were walking to school barefoot they ran into their other best friend brooke "hey guys sorry about earlier i forgot about the meeting" said brooke "its fine"said izabel "when we get to school we have to put our shoes on" sighed oliver "what" exclaimed both brooke and izabel (bella) "the principal said yesterday" said oliver " i didnt bring shoes" said brooke "neither did i" said bella "its okay guys i brought you guys some flip flops"said oliver "oh oliver what would we do without you" said brooke  " um bra shopping boy talking pick on his other guy freinds alot of stuff actually" goofed bella "thanks" oliver said sarcastecly as the bell rang for lunch the girls and olley sliped off their shoes "ewwwww" said Catherine ringles the pickiest person in the school "i hate pizza" " oh come on cat" said her friend lydia "oh wow" said bella "lydia is actually trying to get cat to eat" then all of a sudden the school intercom: "izabella shultz, oliver bransin, and brooke drawerson can you please make your way to the principles office thankyou " "oh great said brooke a perfect recored of not getting deteintion is ruined "oh boo hoo" said oliver was going bowling with my other friends" guys we dont even know what were called for yet" said bella  "your right" said brooke maybe the school is finally relizing my natural tree climbing talent"    "yaa" said oliver "maybe they will have finally realized i am super attractive and i should be the cover of the next teen hot pop magiseen"    "no probbaly not but lets just find out" said bella "hello principal Erin"said bella "hello kids said mr. Erin " was just wondering if you would like to explain to me why your not wearing shoes " "oh um we a you cuz well..." said brooke  "kids you have to understand that wearing shoes   is required in this school" said mr. Erin " yes we know but" "ah ah ah no buts mr.bransin now put your shoes on and head out before lunch is over "  "okay" they sighd
chapture 2
it was 7:30 and oliver brooke and bella were just heading out the door for the movies
"i am so exited to go bowling i heard there are really awsome lights there"said brooke
"whoa whoa whoa i thoght we were seing galaxy galactic space mind 3 "said oliver
um guys i thoght we were going shopping?" said bella
                                 "oh well can we settle for the fair?" said brooke

later they were at the fair and they ran into the "popular" kids from school
" oh hey guys look its the barefoot freak bunch!" said kate haughty
her dad owns the maageseen "hot pop" and owns the whole mall!!
" oh are you lost the clowns are over their" said kate
"well then why arent you over their" brooke snapped back
brooke had all the best comebacks
so kate grabbed her freinds arm and went on
"ey guys my mom wants me home so seeya later" said oliver    "okay " said bella "txt us later "
" kay bye"       "oh ya i should prob get home to" said brooke    "ya kay seeya later txt us" shouted bella as brooke walked away

chapture 3

later that night they were txtng and met at the woods near brooksitwas 9:00 on friday the 16th of november

"hey guuys whats up?" excaimed oliver
                            "nothing much since we last saw wich was 30min ago" said brooke
"whoa!!!!" exclaimed bella as she fell down a big slope right into a small creek
"bella!!" yelled oliver "are you okay" said brooke
                                                " im fine" said bella as she stood up her friends crowded around her  "wow that was scary " said bella hey where are your sunglasses
"oh know my sunglasses" bella snorted  "hey i think i see them" said oliver as he diiged for the other lends he saw a bright light come out of the ground    " hey guys come hear a second?!" commanded oliver they both came his way and saw the light. they digged deeper and deeper untill they found a stair case  "um guys i dont  think we should go down their. its not ours and it kinda looks scary."said oliver " oh come on oliver you can come out be a hero of somthing and impress the whole school" said brooke
                                "oh well in that case i will just this once" said oliver
as they walked down the staircase their was noo light at all, all they had was their phone light bella went first then oliver then brooke then sudenly the phones all shut off and they saw a light and as the began steping faster and faster they reached a small crawel space they crouched down and crawled thro the little area

                                "ahhh" yelled oliver
"what is it"exclaimed bella                         "dirt fell all over my face " said oliver  
                        "oh oliver you are the weirdest person" said brook
"hey guys this is a pretty cool place i say we get a couple blankets beenbags i could bring a cooler down and we could get like a bunch of extension cords so we could get some electricity" said bella
                        "ya this is a pretty cool place but we have to keep it a secret just the three of us " said brooke
                                "all in favor of keeping it a secret put your hand in the middle and say i" said bella                        bella put her hand in first then brooke quickly put in                                                         hers then slowley but surley oliver put his hand in and they all said i

chapture   4

                        the next morning brooke oliver and bella ate at the perkins their fave                                                resturant  and hedded down to the coconut mall  " O.M.M these jeans are the best! i have to have them" exclaimed brooke  “ i know right”  shouted bella  “ you guys are soo lame i mean come on have you seen the new xbox hd 2 class now that's somthing to buy” said oliver  “although i dont have any money its 200 dollers!!” “hey guys look at these bean bags look so cute, you think we could put them in our fort” said bella “ no these mini chairs and fabulus!” said brooke
“ guys” exclaimed oliver “ im a man i am not sitting in a pink chair!”    then brooke and bella looked at each other simultaniously in a smerking way “ha” yapped bella “ you fell for it “ said brooke “ i fell for what?” said oliver “ we're not gurly gurls!” exclaimed bella “oh ya i was wondering what was going on” ' alright we should meet tomorrow 6:00 sharp at the fort “ said brooke  'um okay but tomorrow we should come up with a name' settled

chapture 5
saterday  17th 8:00 A.M
TODAY AT BELLA'S house they ate breakfast...
“mom is breakfast ready yet” yelled bella
they were a very rich family and bella's younger sister jessica she was a spoiled brat
“mom i need new shoes for my bowling get together”  right away when jess said that bella rolled her eyes " um yes, breakfast is done, but no shoes " said mom "what no shoes? but mom i dont have any " said jess " yes you do, last month  i bought you bowling shoes for you last bowling party" said mom  " ugh but mom! THOSE are soo last season" said jess " um mom what is for breakfast?" asked bella " eggs on bread with bacon your favorite" her mom smiled at bella thn the phone rang  "ill get it" souted bella "no ill get it" exclaimed jess " guys!" yelled  mom " somone just awnser the phone" then bella picked up the phone and it was jesses frend  brittnay " hey gurrrll its britt" said britt " um this is bella hold on" yelled bella
"JESs!!!!!" yelled bella  " yes oh the phone, its for me " jess said in the most goofyest way  
" ugh" said bella "mom im ganna go to work  "okay" said mrs. shultz

bella worked at shave ice  an icee place on the beach oliver had his own shrimp truck and brooke gave people surfing lessons  later they were talking on the phone bella brooke and oliver
"okay guys we have to go to the fort k meet u there bye"  its was a voice mail that brooke and oliver recieved and so they went to the fort and they saw it was all decorated all nice and they had done all of it "guys i think we did it" brooke said joyfully
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