Whispers of the north book 1

When the shadows grow close the packs lose each other Dont hide dont run Don't attack work together Stay close Stay together Don't leave Run together Don't seperate HOPE YOU LIKE IT

published on February 04, 20210 reads 0 readers 1 not completed

The Fight

Windy ran threw the forest as fast as she could. where was she? how did she get there? all she remembered were hunters and a fight of wolfs.Hunters?no not hunters. But things with wings. wings now? why is she being so dumb? but was she? how long was she here for what else could she remember? how far from home was she. wait! whats that sound? she thought someone say. It has to be Windy she was the only other one that was here. Windy its me max please come out. Max said. windy came out of hiding seeing her brothers Max and Jay. she was also the youngest and was always bossed around by her brothers. Not today tho they were not mean or grumpy. after a few hours of talking someone came into the cage and she did have wings. Jay and Max blocked the way to her and growled but they got pushed aside by the thing and it got to her but she ran into the trees. after it got her it dragged her out with her growling and biting
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i will add new chapters every weekday
on February 04, 2021