Number of The Beast

Number of The Beast

Join the story of a "mentally ill" man named Jon in his journey to uncover the mystery of his strange ability, and more...personal matters.

published on April 18, 20207 reads 2 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Part 1. Insanity

Jonathan, or just Jon to his few friends, was a thin sickly looking young man, his age was unknown to all but God himself, but he appeared to be around the age of 20. Jon only had 3 real friends, but he often talked to himself, or so people thought. Jon was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 14, that was the year his entire life changed. But the thing is, he didn’t have a mental disorder, Jonathan’s ‘schizophrenia’ was a gift, that at times could be a blessing and a curse.
    That year on his 14th birthday he started seeing things no other person could see, and he was talking to the things he saw, and the things he saw could only be explained by one word. Demonic. But since it had been so long he had gotten used to it. Then one day he saw something totally different from the normal demons. This one was what only one word can describe the looks of, beautiful. The man stood in a black robe, with the most calm of faces he looked at Jonathan and did nothing for the longest time. Then finally he moved, but only an arm, then a finger, as to point at him. This was the first time Jon had felt unsettled by a demon in years, and he was so unsettled, so terrified, that he couldn’t move a muscle. Later that night he went to bed and lay awake for hours, when he finally did go to sleep he had a bad dream.
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lol, yes
on April 24, 2020