Starlight the forgotten alicorn

Starlight is the forgotten alicorn best coal friend of Scootaloo. All three of the CMCs realize that Starlight played a part in their dreams. Scootaloo got very emotional.

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Chapter 1.

Pony of the shadows

             The CMCs  were walking to their clubhouse for a sleepover after a long  day of hard work. "Does anypony  think we are being followed?" " for the last time sweetie belle, we ain't being followed. " said Apple Bloom. "Its getting dark, should we run?" Asked Scootaloo. " Look, I ain't the chicken, " said Apple Bloom. Scootaloo got very mad she was about to scream! Sweetie Belle stopped her. All three heard a tree branch Crack. "What was that?" Asked Apple Bloom.
"I think it's a coon," said Sweetie Belle . "What is that blue mist? It looks weird," said Scootaloo . "Hehe heh." Said a voice coming from the mist. " IT'S GETTING AWAY! SCOOTALOO.. " "I got this!" Scootaloo threw a feather from her wing and caught the mist off guard. "I TOLD YOU WE WERE BEING FOLLOWED!" Yelled Sweetie Belle. "Ya, no kidding," Scootaloo said. " Ah think it's best to, what do y'all say, leave it alone? " Apple Bloom said with a nervous smile. Scootaloo sighed. "What is your purpose?" " you sound familiar, do I know you? " "No!, Mabe, I don't know ok." " i know who you are old friend! " "huh?" " SCOOTALOO!  IT'S ME, STARLIGHT! " Scootaloo looked confused. "I don't know any Starlight." " Well, it's been a year, so you might have forgot. " "Well, want to come with us Starlight, if your a pony?" " Sure! "
        So starlight followed Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom to the clubhouse. "Wait! Starlight Starbright?" Scootaloo asked. " Yes, " Starlight replied. Scootaloo tried to hug Starlight. "It's been so long! I missed you Star!!" Scootaloo backed up. " what happened? " "Well you see." Scootaloo cut Starlight off. " i thought you abandoned me! " Scootaloo started to cry.  "Well," Scootaloo cut her off again. " you weren't there when we got our curiemarks! You weren't there to support me! " "Just let me explain ," " YOU WEREN'T THERE WHEN I WAS BULLIED! " Complete silence filled the room.
         "Scootaloo, i..." " i don't want to talk right now. " "but i..." " LEAVE ME ALONE STARLIGHT! " Scootaloo yelled, running out the door to her foster mom's, Sandy, house. "What, happened?" Said starlight  crying. She shaped herself into a broken heart. " i guess friendships are ment to be broken. " "Sorry about her, I'm Apple Bloom and this is Sweetie Belle." " hi starlight. " said Sweetie Belle. "I'll go talk to her." Said Apple Bloom. "Let me come." Said Starlight .
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This story is incomplete. Stay tune for more chapters:D
on April 01, 2018