Darkness Ziki

Darkness Ziki

This delish mix of fantasy and dark is perfect for all ages and reading groups. Please follow and comment- Raven

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Chapter 1.

At the house chapter one

Darkness crowds me scratching clawing trying to get into my head I Fought and fought until it calmed.i reopened my wolf green gold eyes and all I could see was mist blanketing the tree outside my window pastel colours of sunrise were out side fighting the darkness at the lest I had one thing to help me through my illness.
It was 5:58 two minutes until six I got up any way and got dressed I wore a spiritual dress with beautiful pastel blues and yellows I woke up my spirit animal "starlight" I whispered she looked up at me with her big bright blue eyes, she sent a thought to me and said but master I need... Oh wait it's six I'm up does my white fur have any marks on it? I sent a thought back "no, but you need to help me get through another day of dark vs light! "Ok let's go. We walked   down the stairs to silence here I toke Starlight to a special seat where she could sit down I however opened the cupboard and got out a slice of fruit and ate I was alone to think I sat and thought.
My older sister who was 14 had just clumped down the stairs and she broke my thoughts she was still in her pjs that we're blue she walked to the cupboard and grabbed the wheat biscuits and milk today was going to be a long day. It was 8:35 when my mum and dad came down they yawned  had breakfast then went to bed again.
So me and my sister stay at home because we weren't allowed to go to school because of my illness so we spent our money on food and books at the shop we read until 12:40 had lunch and read again my mum cam down with a smile now and said happily "Ziki  you going to practice your gymnastics?" I almost forgot about that I practiced my backwards roll to push-up and split jump I also helped Zala my sister. Gymnastics is one of the ways I get through my illness. Starlight nudged me I questioned her, her body language told me every thing I looked around and saw a black figure with piercing white eyes I couldn't do anything all I could do was stare I fainted My sister called mum and dad they come panicked they called 111 ad toke me to hospital I lay in the uncomfortable outfit and woke up "oh my gosh are you ok?" Said Zala "erhhh I feel like I was hit by a truck " "you weren't luckily, you saw one didn't you " " yeah"
At home was worse we were running out of money to keep me here and "home school me".
It had been a month,I finally looked in the jar of witch we keep our money,it was empty I ran upstairs two at a time laying on my bed was a Swan night school uniform I was crushed I couldn't go to school I would faint in front of everyone!
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