The Boarding School

The Boarding School

A teenage girl is sent to a boarding school for smart young female students. Everything was okay at first, till things started getting bad.

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Chapter 1.


I'm at home, just hanging out, doing nothing much. My Dad's at work, my sister doing homework upstairs. Then  my Aunt comes over to me and says:
"You fought with someone at school?" She blamed. I insisted it wasn't me.
"No I didn't. I never fought with anyone. I was behaving appropriately today" I say. My Aunt Lisa just shook her head.
"I don't believe you, I well know that you lose your temper quickly and sometimes like to fight" She blames.
"Auntie, I didn't do it, I'm telling the truth and, Auntie, I don't like to fight, it just happens... The urge of anger." I say, looking at her right in the eye. He sighs and walks out of the room.
I live with my Dad and my Aunt Lisa. And my sister Ashley.  My mom lives in a mental hospital, and I never get to see her, they say she's too dangerous and unstable. I also have a brother, but he's in college and lives in a dorm at the college, we don't see him much. Usually only on holidays.  My aunt lives with my dad and I, because dad asked her if she could help take care of me, because it was too hard to do on his own, and she agreed. I don't mind my Aunt Lisa, she's nice enough, but sometimes she blames me on things I never did, because I get in trouble a lot. So when she thinks I did something bad, she just blames it on me, whether I did it or not. When I was at school today, I did fight with someone. I punched a girl named Makayla Quinn. But it wasn't my fault, she's more of the preppy type girl, and she told me I was ugly. She made fun of me do bad, I just lost it and punched her face. I don't wear make-up, and Makayla wears so much make-up, you can barely tell that it's actually her. Just because I don't cake my face with make-up, doesn't mean I'm ugly, but she doesn't think so. So I punched her. Was that a good reason? I guess it was good enough because I didn't get suspended. I almost did, but I convinced my principal that it was only self-defense, and she wouldn't stop taunting me. So, that's how my day went today. I don't like to hurt people, but once they push me too far,  then I get a little mad. There's nothing I can do, this is just the way I am. I have pills to help control my anger problems, but I never take them. I don't think it's necessary, even though it probably is.
I sit on the couch and play apps on my ipod. My Aunt comes back into the room. She sits down next to me on the couch.
"I'd like you to take a look at this pamphlet" She says. I sigh and take it from her hand. It's advertising a private boarding school.
"Really Aunt Lisa? I don't want to go to some boarding school" I complain.
"It's for the gifted and intelligent girls. Your a smart girl, Maddie. I think you should try it" she tries to convince.
"Auntie, no, I don't want to go. I want to stay here and go to a normal school" I say.
"You will get a good education there, and maybe with less other students, you won't get as angry at people..." she trails off.
"There's nothing I can do to control that" I say grumply, looking away.
"I really think this is a good opportunity, Maddie" she says.
"I don't want to go!" I say.
"Well, I'm going to show your father when he gets home. I really think you should try this" She says standing up and goes upstairs. I sigh. I don't want to go to a boarding school, I want to live here, not at some lame old-fashioned school. I don't really do anything, till Dad get's home. He enters through the front door, taking off his jacket. Ashley comes down with er finished homework, sitting on the couch next to me.  Aunt Lisa comes down the stairs and kisses dad on the cheek.
"I want you to take a look at this" she says, holding out the pamphlet. Dad takes it and looks at it.
"A boarding school?" he says confused, looking up. I watch them from the livingroom.
"I think Maddie should go there, I think it would be a good adjustment" Aunt Lisa says.
"I don't know if that's a good idea" Dad says.
"I think she should try it" Aunt Lisa continues.
"I don't think that is the right thing to do. You know Maddie needs more attention than most kids, she has needs. I don't think she should live away from home" Dad says.
"But the teachers and staff will take care of it" Aunt Lisa says.
"I may think about it, but for now, she stays here, and she goes to a regular school. End of discussion" Dad says.
"But..." Auntie starts, but Dad puts his finger against her lip.
"She's my daughter, and I know whats best for her. Don't bother me over this, I told you, I will think about it, but I'm not going to get all concerned over this" Dad says strictly and goes into the kitchen. Auntie goes back upstairs.
"Haha, you might go to a dumb boarding school!" Ashley taunts. I give her the death glare. My Ashley is a goody-two shoes, typically means she is a really good kid who doesn't cause trouble. Except she's really mean and taunting to me, but she's nice to everyone else. She's two years younger than me, and shes annoying. I ignore Ashley's teasing and  I follow Dad into the kitchen. Dad's making coffee. I walk up to him.
"I really don't want to go to a boarding school" I say, shaking my head.
"I'm not going to make you go if you don't want to" Dad says.
"Auntie's plotting against me. She just wants me out of the house... She keeps blaming me for getting in fights. She won't believe me that I can't control that" I say, tears starting to fall from my eyes.
"Oh Maddie" he says and walks up to me, wrapping his arms around me.
"I don't want to go to a boarding school" I whisper, snuggling my head into his shoulder.
"I won't make you" Dad says.
"I can't control my anger" I say quietly.
"I know, it's not your fault honey... It's because of your mom" he whispers, still hugging me.
"What if I turn out like her?" I cry harder.
"Darling, darling, listen to me," he bends down on one knee. "That's not going to happen"
He stands back up and hugs me again. "I love you" he says.
"I love you too" I say, then go upstairs and lay down on my bed.
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Beautiful story, for once a story doesn't have a good ending
thank you. stories can't always end in a good way.
on September 10, 2016
on September 10, 2016
on September 10, 2016
on September 10, 2016