Murder Mystery in France

Sonic and Jackie had waited forever to go on their honeymoon to Paris, France. They think it's all love, but when a murder takes place in their hotel, they realize how wrong they are...

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Chapter 1

Sonic and Jackie walked through the hallways to get to their hotel room, holding hands.
They had both gotten married a few days ago, and had also gotten lots of money with their presents. Most of that money went towards tickets to go to Paris; the city of romance.
However... Just in case something went terribly wrong, they brought some of their friends along.
One of their friends, I=Fantasy, or, Fanta, had been one of those friends.
Jackie looked at the room numbers. "Hm..."
"Oh! Is this your room number?" I=Fantasy pointed to room 69.
Jackie was disgusted. "Of course not!"
Sonic pointed to room 14. "Here!"
Jackie brought out the key to room 14 and unlocked the door.
I=Fantasy stepped back as the newlywed couple walked inside.
Sonic looked at her, confused. "Why aren't you coming inside?"
I=Fantasy looked at the couple. "This is YOUR room. Not mine. If I stepped one foot in that room without asking, that would be trespassing."
Jackie laughed. "Of course you can come inside!"
I=Fantasy smiled. "Okay." She stepped inside.
Suddenly, a whole group of maids came inside. "Excuse us!"
The trio were surprised.
One of the maids, a pink cat with a white muzzle looked at them. "Oh, allow us to introduce ourselves! I'm Cherie."
A light blue fox curtseyed. "Myrtille."
A red wolf just crossed her arms. "I'm Cerise."
The last one, a white hedgehog smiled at them. "Bianca."
Jackie was surprised. "I'm guessing you're the maids?"
"Mhm!" They all nodded in unison.
Cerise shoved their bags to the side as they all cleaned.
"...Uh..." Sonic looked at the bags, which spilled open.
Myrtille quickly ran over. "Sorry!" She quickly cleaned up.
In only 2 minutes, they were done.
The maids then walked out of the room.
"That was odd." I=Fantasy said.
"I agree..." Jackie said.
Sonic shrugged. "The place is clean, so that's all I care about."
I=Fantasy and Jackie laughed.
A few more people then came.
One of them was a brown and cream wolf.
She bowed. "Hello, I'm Papillon, the manager! You can just call me Papi."
An orange fox with long hair then walked closer. "I'm Carotte! I'm the second manager!"
A red cat stepped forward. "I'm Lundi. I'm one of the chefs."
"A chef? Ooh, this hotel is fancy!" Jackie said.
Finally, a purple mongoose walked forward. "I'm Azure."
Papillon smiled. "Enjoy your stay!"
They then left.
I=Fantasy stood up. "I'm off to my room."
Jackie waved as she left. "See you later!"
Sonic looked at the time. "Huh, it's 8:00."
Jackie was surprised. "Already?"
They both got changed into their pajamas.
They climbed into large bed, and closed their eyes.
"Good night, Jackie."
"Night, Sonic."
They then went to sleep.
The next thing that they heard was the phone ringing.
Jackie got up, and picked up the phone. "Hello!"
"Who is it?" Sonic asked.
"Oh, it's just one of our friends..."
Heya, supernovas and Sonackie fans! It's Arashi-Sayaka, or Arashinova, or Sayakanova, or Arashi, or Sayaka, or whatever the hell you wanna call me. I'm the one who created chapter 1 for Murder Mystery in France! The next person who writes the story can add their OC in! So... Sayoko, Maria, Acchan, if you see this, you can add your OCs in it. I hope you're enjoying the story so far! Bye!
~ Arashi-Sayaka Blade (@BonnieBunny)
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