One Literal second

One Literal second

Zaila was gifted with a powerful magics. But will she find out what it means?

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Chapter 1.

Blacked out

Opening her eyes Zaila got up out of her soft warm bed. She walked over to her closet and changed into her uniform. After walking down the padded stairs she ate, wondering about what the day would bring. After a long 15 minutes (which felt like hours) her sister finally came down. "Oh hi sis" she said to Zaila "morning" Zaila replied. She stood up and let her sister have the bast seat in the room. Zaila however went and did her hair up, she twisted and crossed ribbon over two strands of hair like she did every day.
Zaila's POV
"Sometimes I wish I had a cat"  I said to myself as we were driven to school "meaw" hearing a cats voice confused me "did anyone else hear that?" I asked "hear what?" "The cat" "no, you must have imagined it" "but" I protested "meaw" There it was again I kept asking but they didn't hear it so.. I thought it was my imagination.
Once I got to the concrete square that's so called school I hoped out the car and went into class. Walking in I remembered a sweet song I had heard the other day. "Deep deep down I believed I could bring you back too me" (lizz Undertale his theme) the spun around my head, I saw two kids with short hair "Zeze, ZEZE!!" I awoke to my friends standing over me the teacher just continued the lesson. "Phew, you passed out"  I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out "Zeze?" Confused I tried to scream, which would usually get me in trouble but nothing. "Write it down" I grabbed a Peice of paper and wrote down "what happened?!!" But it looked like a jumbled mess...
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