Broken Wings {} The Fallen (two book series)

Broken Wings {} The Fallen (two book series)

"Ke'ala!" Nalani yelled I was pushed backwards into black. All I saw was black, it surrounded me, crawling into my head and crushing my thoughts... I could do nothing.

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Chapter 1.


I felt the darkness surround me and my wings flew me up. The sky sparkled as I stayed floating in front of the moon. I awoke my head in my pillow. I observed my surroundings, I was once again in my ragged clothes. Getting up I walked to my closet where my uniform hung lifelessly on a coat hanger.
I put on my old uniform. It didn't fit that well, but we didn't have enough money for a new one. I walked to the kichen, I was the only child in the family. I ate some fruit and packed my lunch. I walked to school my eyes fixated on nothing. "Hey Loser!" I ignored Ivy continuing walking. I finally reached the old grey school. The paths were broken and crooked. Every one was silent in class we just sat reading, we had only one teacher/principle/Staff member. I read the same book as I did every day. There was tension in the room I felt in. I couldn't hold it anymore "what up?" "Well there are some kids coming here from the other school" I inhaled almost fainting "WHAT" I basically screamed with the class.
It was a few minutes later when five girls came in. There uniform was perfect, there hair was in braids. Compared to us, we had grey clothes, our hair was messy. I watched their expressions as they walked in. I gave them a glare when they saw the grey walls. They ignored me. "What a horrible place!" I heard one whisper to the others "I almost feel bad" the other said back.
We walked out and ate, we stared at the others lunches. Sandwiches, water bottles, muesli bars that's only half. Sometimes-only if we were lucky, we would have a sandwich or a water bottle.

I finally got home. I walked inside, still no one home. Weird. Anyway I continued walking to my grey room. I lay down as usual but I was awake for a little long then usual. I got up and walked out the door. The sky was still bright. Walking around I saw many people in nice clothes and tidy hair. They just looked down on me. I looked at a kid sitting alone, she was in nice clothing and her hair was tidy. But she was sitting down with a sign saying: " Please I need some coins, I don't have food!" I walked over to her. "Sorry, I don't have coins, but can I sit with you?" I asked politely.  "Sure, my name is Nalani"
Never would I have known that we would end up running into each other's arms, to survive
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