Angel (1)

Angel (1)

this is about two people who have run away from home and their lives gets better after a couple of months and soon they find in each others arms

published on September 07, 20167 reads 5 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

your scene

we waited, all was quiet except for the pitter patter of rain. I was cold as ice shivering and hearing my own teeth chattering against each row. tears fell down his face , with his jet black hair covering the rest of his face except for his pure green eyes. we both looked at each other in horror, it felt like as we both did something wrong , yet we did. 'wrong, wrong, wrong' ran through my mind, my heart was enraged with untrust except for him, he was the only one I could trust ever! so there he was tall as a sky scraper and skinny as a stick, looking down at the ground wondering if life will get better. "it will" I said, "will what" as he stood there looking at the open wide space "get better..." I cried

* * * * * *

I woke up feeling breathless, cold air surrounding me. I looked next to me a finding him hogging the blanket, shivering. I felt sympathy for him even if I was the one freezing all over I felt a blinding light pierce through my eyes, but it was only for a second. there it was again, flickering like a candle. from the other end of the fort all you could hear was groaning  as you see him turning and tossing. I look back to where I saw the light. I touched it, and BANG I fell to the floor. * Sam, Sam,....* someone was whispering my name as I a woken from my sleep. the whispering stopped. I was wide awake, finding myself wrapped in the blanket. I turned my head to seem him making breakfast.
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Comments (1)

Great story! @xxgraffitigirl14xx keep it up!
on September 07, 2016