These eyes

These eyes

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Chapter 1.

Darkest hour

These eyes
My eyes glowed in the dim light of dusk. Mist surrounded me, like a baby wrapped tightly in its blanket. I walked silently across the now darkened plains. The snow started and like a rhythm the howling wind followed. Creating a song like storm. I closed my eyes and reached out in my mind. The ice wanted freedom, the soft lapping lake wanted to be ocean. Never in my life had I known this. I spoke two words 'dark wings'. I felt the pain under my shoulder blades. And that's the day I changed, forever.


I opened my grey eyes to the moon shining over my head. My eyes glowed with happiness. I stood up on all fours and walked out of the dull cave. The moon shone brighter when she saw me. "It's the darkest hour" she telepathically told me.I smiled at that. I was about to walk off into the darkness "Taime* my little one" she said "huh?!" I squealed quietly she passed down a silver crystal, it shone in the shape of a crescent moon. I let the crystal hang losely around my soft manned neck. I felt a surge of energy rush throughout my furr covered body. My silvery furr changed to the darkest hour black and my senses thrived as I smelt the rich sweet smell of blood and was driven by it. I walked of into the darkness as tē Māramā* hung in the sky. I padded silently across the dark plains. " why is my name Taime" I said aloud " because you are as sweet as honey and the princess of Tē Māramā" I heard a voice say "who are you" I felt my head spinning "heh I'm Nuit Noir*" said a black furred wolf pup. "Well it's nice to meet you i guess" I replied I noticed the necklace around his neck it was a Black crescent moon. It hung losely around his black neck.  "Heh nice necklace Taime " he said a admiring it "thanks you too!" "Hunting in darkest hour eh?" "Yep" "can I come with?" He asked "sure!" I was starting to really like him. We walked through the darkness like it was an ocean...

* Taime is HoneyMoon in Maori
* Nuit Noir is BlackNight in French
* Tē Māramā is moon in Maori
Tune in next time for chapter two!
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