Fiction and Nonfiction
Always will be
My life was chaos. Many bad things were occurring. Stress was not a new feeling. I am in 6th grade but am I a little too young to feel hatred or love? Maybe .
11 reads 10 readers 6 by chaos
teardrop (3)
this is teardrop part..idk like the story? subscribe to my fanpage and follow me it always helps alought
13 reads 12 readers 5 by nj3000
What a dad!
Arwen has just relised her dad is the dark lord! uh oh... what trouble will happen? how much mischeif is sheila?
26 reads 14 readers 0 by yayaFRENZY
Life of elfs! ( lord of rings)
Arwen has just seen a reflection of her and her family. herself starts to fade but her sis recieves a crown. she has a sis? she has a family? her brother is legolas???
60 reads 14 readers 7 by yayaFRENZY
The Adventures of Nelly Rolph- secret spy.
Nelly Rolph isn't just an ordinary girl.. she's a top-secret spy agent, working for TSEAF (The Secret Elite Agent Force). She travels all over the world with her partner, Sophie Gibbs... stopping their arch enemy.. BLOCK and th...
39 reads 13 readers 15 by Beauty784
Samson and Rusty
Well its Roxy again and these are my further adventures. I wanna tell you about a little gentleman and scruffy pup who came to me last year. They were so funny so I gave them a story.
24 reads 7 readers 12 by kellygirl2
loki live has just begun as the frostgiants fight the asgardians odin finds loki as a little baby and takes him home to asgard. loki soon will discover his life has been a whole big lie
22 reads 7 readers 2 by JeanKirschtein
Besties? Not!
How could your best friend ever betray you? you`ve done everything just to make her smile? What happened?
69 reads 30 readers 7 by snowbunny73
so close
altair has a big war fighting for his right to still live and save his family
10 reads 6 readers 0 by avengers..stark
Stranger In Apartment 4 (Zayn Malik Story)
Find out what happens when a stranger and an old friend arrives at Keri’s apartment. Some parts may be intense for most readers and most of it won’t. Hope u like it. “What are you doing here?” Keri asks nervously. “I’m your ne...
16 reads 15 readers 2 by DominiqueUnwritten
Gone Part 2
in my last book i was talking about Rose but this time it is about her sister Jenifer. Jenifer goes to a holiday without her husband and children, Jenifer finds out the place were she is going is were John is in the prison. Joh...
12 reads 8 readers 1 by hannah54
The Phantom
This is the tale of how Erik, the pahtom of the opera, came to live underneath the paris opera house.
13 reads 6 readers 0 by erikthephantom
Before They Were a Couple (A Switched @ Birth Story)
Here's my first Switched @ Birth love story. Those of you may know the show on ABC Family; but what happens when Emmett wants to go back with Daphne and go on prom instead of choosing Bay Kennish? Find out what happens.
10 reads 8 readers 1 by DominiqueUnwritten
I have died everyday
Lily doesn't know what to do her mother and father died and a plane crash but she just might find somebody to trust and fall into.
44 reads 28 readers 7 by JeanKirschtein
Man utd fc
playing aston villla v man utd score but something happens but man utd win and something else happens find out ?
11 reads 7 readers 2 by oliverodell
a girl called rose has a boyfriend but then he gets sent to jail because he murdered the girls sister. and the rose is really upset. but rose wants revenge
37 reads 16 readers 8 by hannah54
hope u enjoy just music that i like hope u do have a nice day too- looking
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un and aroud
its just something i made up post comment please sit back and relax and read my dearst people who r readin have a nice day
8 reads 6 readers 4 by LiL.Looking
The ultimate test! Can I survive my fears? Or will I be stuck in a creepy Chuckie Cheese's FOREVER?
69 reads 17 readers 5 by wolfness
A trip
I go on trip this time girls only sorry Leo... ill miss you. This is gonna get intresting
53 reads 13 readers 2 by charlie.clements.7