In a world of greed when their children turn 15 mothers have to choose their children's fate including their lover, job and income but when Pinecone turns 15 she doesn't want the fate her mother has given he so she runs away and finds out the secrets of the society

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i wake up, today is not called birthday, it's called fate day, the day i turn 15 and be told my fate. My mother has been deciding it for 15 years today, she could pick me a rich husband and a perfect job or a abusive husband and a poor waged job, she could pick anything!

but i want to be single, i don't want kids because i don't want the pressure of choosing their fate, the society encourages us to have kids and choose their fate, my father told me that it has been that way since the world began, the society don't like their people roaming around free and doing what they please but the bad thing is, if mother choose their child's job to be a criminal they can't get arrested for the worst of crimes,

today i won't get presents and cards, i will get my fate. I will go in the council hall and be read out my destiny and i have absolutely no idea what it is, my mum isn't allowed to give me the smallest hint, who can blame her, she would end up in jaw prison where they rip off your jaw and lock you up, never to be seen again, of coruse there are more ways to get in there such as refusing to your fate or choosing to be fate less can lead to death, most of the time people are happy with their destiny,
i just hope i am too

more coming soon
please comment on what you liked and hated about it, it helps me improve
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love it keep making more books
on March 27, 2015
This sounds super interesting!
on June 29, 2014
hey guys this is the old honeycomb25! some loser hacked my accout and i was forced to make a new one, so this is my new one, pls follow 4 follow and check my stuff out!
on November 14, 2013
thankyou!! :)
on September 18, 2013