Into Darkness

Into Darkness

Elena A 17 year old girl with long black hair, hazel eyes and mix rave skin moves in to a town called Crystal Town what she didn't know is what lays awaiting for her in the woods.

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The Letter

The Letter

So here I am another day a different school again you think I would be use to moving but no I am not you may be thinking why do I keep moving well my parents like to travel I will admit it is fun going to new places just not leavening the people I care about. As I walked into school I am greeted by a girl she has long blonde, white skin and blue eyes she smiles as I approach

"Hello you must be Elena"

I smile and say "yes it is"

"well I am Katy the school's head girl and today it is my duty to show you around"

she takes me by the hand and takes me up a flight of stairs as I walk up them I gasp the school was huge not like the other schools this school has pictures of kings and queens then we arrive at this door as she push's it open I see 5 beds doted around near the walls

"excuse me why does this school have a bed room"

"because this is a boarding school dear"

Now I know why my parents were so sad to see me leave I can't believe the didn't have the guts to tell me uh I am so mad I just want to

"Are you ok it's just your face is going red"

I blushed and smiled "yes"

"oh ok well I will let you settle in we have PE in a few 15 minutes

She left not saying any thing else and I was left alone after a few minutes a letter slipped throw the door I stared at it after a few seconds of staring  I picked it up it was addressed to Miss Elena Smith that's me I started reading the letter

Dear Elena Smith

    I saw you walking into the school and I was like she is so pretty there is something about you that takes my breath away and makes my heart beat stop I would like to get to know you more under the moonlight meet me at the maze tonight at 10

From: ???

(Next Chapter coming soon)
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