Aubrey's Life

Aubrey's Life

its my life and i'm happy with it. dont tell me what i could or not do. my sister is julia. julia writes these really weird story called one afternoon in my basement then whatever the next number story is. she included me being all mean and stuff but i dont care. julia, i'll tell these people the REAL story about me AND your life!

published on September 17, 201320 reads 10 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

day of the tournament

so it was saturday morning at 8:50 a.m. me and julie had a huge tennis tournament. she got dressed for everything all nice in her tennis uniforms. all of our tennis tournaments, she never got a served over the net. so today, she gets the first serve. she hits and misses! i gave a lil chuckle. then,she serves again. i let her serve 5 in a row and she misses. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! that was when i gave my loudest laugh i could ever laugh that i also die of suffering from laughing! then she got so mad that she ran over and didn't look at what's by her side and TRIPPED OVER THE NET!!! i again gave my laugh to death laugh. then she got even madder and threw the bare tennis racket at me! SHE MISSES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! thats when she started chasing after me. i decided that i should run away. so i was jogging along and julia was run run running. i skipped over the stream and when into a forest. julia came and skipped over the stream. TOTAL FAIL!! she actually fell into the lake. i didn't notice so i wait until she was getting up.
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Comments (2)

Julie character is me. Aubrey is the mean one.
on September 26, 2013
on September 18, 2013