One Day...

One Day...

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Chapter 1.

One Second

Jim and Jeff were walking home from work. They were both 28 years old and worked at a soda shop down the street from their apartment. One nice day in August Jeff dropped his wallet. As he bent down to pick it up, a nuclear disease suddenly jumped off the sidewalk onto his hand. Jeff screamed in pain.
        “AHHHHHH.” said Jeff.
At the surprise of this outburst, Jim staggered back, causing a little kid to drop his ice cream cone. The little kid cried so loud the old man across the street dropped his watering can and it spilled the fertilizer onto the grass. From the effects of the fertilizer the grass grew as tall as the old man’s house. Jeff and Jim both were awing in the presence of such tall grass. The little kid did not stop screaming. He screamed and screamed and screamed AND SCREAMED SO LOUD EVEN ALL THE PEOPLE IN NORWAY COULD HEAR. The scream caused a tsnaumi to wipe out Norway and all the other countries by Europe. Then, a flying bobcat whooshed out of the sky and picked Jim and Jeff off the ground and took them away. Sadly, Jeff gets air sickness so he barfed all over the bobcat. The barf caused a nuclear reaction and the bobcat turned into an angry monster who wanted to destroy the world. Jim and Jeff did a freefall in which the were consulted by George Washington’s ghost. He turned into a unicorn and scampered off into the clouds. Then, all the crystals in the world grew wings and flew to Jim and Jeff’s rescue. Sadly, at the same time, giant ants were attacking the remains of Norway and summoned a green plaid lightning bolt to shock the world. Thankfully, a solar eclipse came right at that moment and the giant ants melted. Turns out they were made of wax. Right at that moment, all the angry toddlers who wanted to bite Miranda Cosgrove’s head off did. They were very happy. Then all the mothers happily came from across the world to pick up their children. Then all the mothers turned into big angry monsters and all the big angry monsters had a tea party. Squishy the cat jumped into the air and was so heavy the air died. The the solar eclipse came back and everyone in the world suffocated.
Just think.
Jeff dropped his wallet and started all of this.
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Comments (4)

The Sad, Sad Spoon
by Jackson West
Once upon a time there was a sad, sad spoon. He was once very happy being eaten with and then lovingly washed. One day, he was thrown behind the stove, and no one had ever found him. Then a person came and picked up the stove. They found the spoon! The sad, sad spoon was nit sad anymore! He is a happy, happy spoon.
on January 28, 2015
Haha! I laughed alot :)
on July 20, 2014
on October 05, 2013
Speck, okay, this is just BEUTIFUL!!!! But still, speck, your weird
on September 11, 2013