Most Fun Activity Ever

Most Fun Activity Ever

Hiya! This isn't really much of a story, more like a little activity thing. It won't take up much your time! I just hope you enjoy it! A piece of paper, pencil, and maybe some crayons will be needed.

published on September 11, 201317 reads 15 readers 4 completed

The Activity

Step 1)
Get a piece of paper.
Step 2)
Get some crayons or maybe even a marker, ect..
Step 3)
Get a pencil or pen.
Step 4)
Read all of the rules.
Step 5)
Put your piece of paper on a desk.
Step 6)
Draw a medium sized box on the middle of your paper using any pencil/marker. Make sure it's very straight. Feel free to use a ruler.
Step 7)
Inside the box, draw a large circle that almost takes up all of the space in pencil.
Step 8)
FAINTLY erase the large circle.
Step 9)
Realize that you actually needed that circle and re-draw it.
Step 10)
Write your favorite things inside the circle.
Step 11)
Since it's a circle, there should be some space left inside the box on it's corners. Draw one star inside each corner and color it yellow.
Step 12)
Draw a rainbow over the box using the markers or colored pencils.
Step 13)
Get your pencil and try to erase some some of the rainbow.
Step 14)
Realize how much time you wasted doing that.
Step 15)
Now draw ten small squares around the box in any place. They can also be any color, as long as      there small.
Step 16)
In all capitals write your name in the top with any color of your choice.
Step 17)
Put away all the materials and just sit there.
Step 18)
If you read all the directions, you'd know that this was a complete waste of time and that you didn't have to do this activity.
Step 19)
Put in the comments if you did the activity or not. I'm curious to see how many people didn't read all of the directions at the start.
Step 20)
SUCCESS! :D Hope you liked the activity.
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Comments (4)

I did it it was kinda fun but also kinda boring.
on October 03, 2013
Thanks. xD
on September 12, 2013
Omg wow, I didn't do it but I was like "where is this going???" Too funny
on September 12, 2013
omg lol didn't so it yet 'cuz I didn't have the materials.
on September 11, 2013