one afternoon in my basement 2

one afternoon in my basement 2

this is the next story. the last one was one afternoon in my basement 1. this is #2. read like 5 star and follow me :)

published on September 13, 201324 reads 9 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

9/12/19 afternoon with aubrey

right when i came back home from all that missing bed news incident, it was time to chillax. if you didn't know i had an older sister that is 20, well i do. shes always drunk and is always beating me up. i mean you'll be like, "why she beat you up?" duh! shes drunk. this is why she never had 1 single boyfriend. you can wonder how old i am, im 14. so, my sister aubrey came home with my brother cody. cody said hey to me. aubrey said sup stupid. shes always using word like that with family. when she sees a cute boy, she still does the same. ugh i HATE her. don't tell her that.
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Yay number two!!
on September 13, 2013