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Love Never Lies
I don't know what to say about this story. But I will say this, this story is based on a gay lover. Who lives in a area where people believe loving the same sex's is a sin. Jack and Andrew are deeply in love with each other and...
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My Best Friend :)
This is another poem about my friendship with XXxSilentHopexXX. This girl means the world to me. This is not a love poem, just a friendship one. (Note: im not that good at poems so dont expect a masterpiece lol)
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The Unleashed
This is a story that is about my created character, Jack Lee. Jack Lee will battle alot of evil things like demons, angels, vampires, etc. This is my #1 story so i hope you all like it.
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Just Quotes
I'm gonna start posting quotes on here. You can comment your own and i'll give you the credit. I will post 10 per story. I will try to post a new one every day. Except on weekends.
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I'm Alejandro, I'm a dog, I'm a Doberman, I'm 2 years old, anything else you need to know? Anyway, this is my diary. You'll find out some interesting things about me, but you can't tell anybody about the plan, got it? Read on...
15 reads 10 readers 7 by xKearax
The kidnapping
OH GREAT SO NOW IM KIDNAPPED!!! Well its just plain weird and funny. but weird....
123 reads 37 readers 6 by charlie.clements.7
12 Blood Red Roses & More Than 67 Tears
This is just a prologue of sorts... well, more like a back-story... to my full story on Quotev. It was originally a 400 word essay prompt for my English class, but I decided to make it a short, sweet, simple, 600 word back-stor...
15 reads 14 readers 8 by Dresden
Some people love...Some people die...
THis is the story about a girl called Carla, who has fallen in love with a mysterious, blondie, her boyfreinds brother, one night, the night of the murder, she starts seeing things differently.
73 reads 34 readers 12 by girlonfire
Faded Death
Faded Death is a book about a haunted house that three girls have a sleepover in the girls wake up to find Alice the youngest girl missing they try to leave the house quickly but they hear sounds like Alice trying to scream for...
45 reads 21 readers 4 by RosenEliza
My Breath Away
This extraordinary story will take your breath away!!! A thirteen year old girl is trapped inside of her ice cold mind for years to come will she ever make it out of the icy cold pit?
31 reads 28 readers 7 by RosenEliza
Thrown in Purposefully
Get ready to find out what happens when a 16 year old girl is forced to change her life.Read to find out how & why.
57 reads 16 readers 2 by Moony
A trip with my bro and Ella Part 3!!!
THE FINAL PART!! Its kinda weird i know hope you like it its alo funny. really i wanna see you guys comment more i get limited feedback and the one i do get are nice so comment rate or follow or all 3!!!
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Harry Potter song (1)
Tune to Mary Had a Little Lamb... enjoy! Made up by me! look @ my other songs 2! Oh, and books!
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How Does Love Hurt?
A romance story I decided to write dealing with my favorite movie, The Marine 3: Homefront with the Miz. =) I own nothing, but my character, Samantha Roberts just so we're clear on that.
49 reads 30 readers 4 by HellRaiserPrincess
Friendship or more? (Niall Horan Love Story)
The title tells all. I'm going to try to make this very suspenseful, and I am apologizing in advance if I fail miserably. This is dedicated to my friend, officalmrshoran. I hope you like it.
240 reads 35 readers 17 by EvilAngel1490
4. A.M.
Ok, I came up with this poem last night as well when I couldn't sleep. The song, "4 A.M.", by Melanie Fiona gave me this idea and I give credit to Melanie Fiona for making the best song ever!
29 reads 27 readers 9 by HellRaiserPrincess
Keyboard art- as easy as 1,2,3, you can do it too!
Do you want to make some keyboard art? Do you need help with it? This story/instructions will teach you how to make keyboard art. I will take ideas for keyboard art. From a-z, you'll be a keyboard art genius in no time! I will ...
116 reads 44 readers 27 by Beauty784
This story is about a girls little obsession. I know it's not the best, but whatever
12 reads 12 readers 3 by AlexisRayne
A New Killer Is Born
Ashley Voorhees is the daughter of the well known killer, Jason Voorhees. She is a ten year old girl who is following in her daddy's footsteps to be the next killer in line. As she gets older, her nightmares are getting worse, ...
1532 reads 136 readers 117 by HellRaiserPrincess