Fiction and Nonfiction
About a teenage girl whos going through the unusal timing and bulliness of un-normal people...
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Countries of Our World: Japan
Hello, I Am Going To Be Starting A Seires (<---- Miss Spelled) This Episode Japan
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Dont Tell: book 1
Be careful around your friends because they could also be your worst enemies. Please follow me and i will also try to put out a story every thurs.
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worlds cutest dogs
my favourite dogs in one story,and many chapters. look at all the adorable dogs!
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When Elizabeth Thorne moves to her dad's house in the middle of a lonely, rainy town she ignores all welcoming smiles and warmth. Then she meets Leon Ruiz. A dark, mysterious boy. He has a secret and she is determined to find i...
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How I won a million dollars (true story)
This is a true story. And if you don't like swearing I may or may not add it but actually there was. Ok wellbplease follow me and message me! Peace!
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knight in armor
its a poem and y do these things ask for such long descriptions? i mean rlly?
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Everything has some sort of soul.When that soul becomes emotional toward something ,whether it a cause ,object ,person,etc it can become dangerous.This case in particular is about a doll.A broken doll.
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Moving a Life
If you loved horses and you had the chance of a lifetime for any horsey person would you take it or would you stay with your old life?
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the beliver finale
this will be a five chapter story things are finally gonna get serious >:) WARNING SOME CONTENT MAY BE INNAPROPRIAT FOR SOME AUDIENCES VIEWERS DESCRETION IS ADVISED
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Love In the Air(Alwaysthebest)
Valerie can never get Travis out of her mind!The only promblem is he's dating a girl named Becca and they seem to stick way too close together!Luckily,Valerie's secret angel Olyvia can grant her one wish!Now Travis is totally i...
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Purple Sky
Just as Jada thought her life was getting good it got bad!Now that her parents are dead she lives with her Too-Boring-To-Like grandparents and turns out to be a princess of a lost world in the sky!Now she needs to find her pare...
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The Beliver part six mid finale
this one may have some drama and questions shall be answerd did i spell that right? well i dont care well onward to the story shall we WARNING THIS CONTAINS INOPPRIATE CONTENT FOR SOME VIEWERS DESCRETION IS ADVISED
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to death do we part
going, from compleat enemies 2 true lovers, can katy and tyler make it when the devil tries to seperate them, or will he win and make them lose their love forever?
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The three tree books!
the frist book please read my story and like it maybe love it!!! oh ya not a long story!
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Im back!
just the 2 book of days of my life so please read the frist book! before reading this one because the frist book is really great!
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I made the wrong chose !
this story is a thriller not suttabile for under 7 year olds it is about a girl who fell in love with a vampire and werewolf and they asked her out and they did not show up and then the next thing u know she went missing please...
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Sonic vs Shadow
As Sonic relaxed chilling in Chris's house/mansion he watched the local news on the t.v. "A Black and Red hedgehog, referd to 'Shadow the hedgehog' has destroyed a numerous ammount of buildings in downtown metropolis, this hed...
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The Moon For Christmas
It's a two weeks before Christmas. David and his lttle sister, Alice, are getting ready for Christmas. Like usual, they are going to the wishing well that they go to every year. When David finds out what Alice wants for Christm...
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