caramel apples visit to the apple farm.

caramel apples visit to the apple farm.

caramel apple decides that she is going to visit her cousin, applejack, at the apple farm. when caramel apple visits...she doesn't really wish that she did.

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Chapter 1.
the letter

the letter

one day... applejack was bucking apples. it was a hot summer day and Applejack was thinking that she would stop bucking apples just for a little while. She walked into the house to get a glass of water...she rested for about an hour in her cozy bed. But she didn't use any blankets because it was way to hot for that. after she rested for a little while she got up and decided that she would buck the rest of those apple trees before it gets to dark outside. the sun was already slowly setting. She walked outside and began bucking some apple trees. it took her about half an hour for her to finish up bucking the apple trees. "just one more." said Applejack. she bucked this apple tree as hard as she could. at the same time that she was bucking it, she heard a sweet little voice. ''what was that, apple bloom? I didn't quite catch it.!" applejack called to the owner of that sweet little voice, who was apple bloom. " Apple Jack!, i said, you got a letter from a cousin named Caramel Apple!" Applebloom called from inside the house.
Applejack stopped what she was doing.
"caramel apple? I haven't heard from her in a long time!." Applejack quickly went inside the house. What was the letter going to be like?
"where is the letter?" applejack asked, staring at applebloom.
" its right here, big sis." applebloom said pointing to a white envelope with three caramel apples on it and it said "applejack".
Applejack ripped the letter open, unfolded the white paper, and read:

" Applejack- its your cousin Caramel apple. I was wondering if you could give me permission to come and visit you and your family. you see- my family is going on this trip (and I really don't want to go) so if you would could be so kind...please write to me back and if is a yes than I will be so happy. if its a no, on the other hand, it doesn't really matter...I could just go with my family on their trip. thank ya'll, cousin! - Caramel apple" wrote the letter.
"caramel apple wants to come and visit? of corse she can come..." applejack whispered to herself.
"well I had better go and write to ma cousin and tell her that she is more than welcome to come and vist." applejack said.
" caramel apple is coming to visit!? yay!!!" said apple bloom.
"yes, she will." applejack giggled.
Applejack got a pencil and a white piece of paper and wrote to caramel apple.
"dear caramel apple..." she started off.
"you are more than welcome to come and visit ma family and me... you don't have to ask for permission, caramel. come any time. im excited to see you! ( and so is applebloom) - applejack."
applejack took an envelope and wrote "caramel apple" on it and put a picture of her cutie mark in the corner- three red apples.
she put her letter in the envelope,licked the top and sealed it.
" I will put it in the mailbox for you!" applebloom said.Apple bloom took the letter from applejack and ran out the door. a minuite later, apple bloom came in and said "its in the mailbox."
applejack giggled. "thank ya'll"
about three days later applejack got another letter.
" dear applejack- thank you! I will be there on july 6th! once again- thank you so much! im excited to see you to, applejack! - caramel apple"
applejack put down the letter.  " july 6th isn't that tomorrow?" applejack asked herself
big mac. walked by. "yyyyyyep." he said.
im not even ready for her visit!" applejack said dashing off.
she ran into her bedroom and cleaned up.
when she was done it was around  eleven o clock. "I had better get some shut eye. I got a big day tomorrow." said applejack and went to bed.
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yeah. sure!
on September 02, 2013
Wow this is awesome! Do you think you could wright one about scootaloo?
on September 02, 2013
on September 02, 2013
Oh that was mean of them, poor caramel apple but good story!
on August 30, 2013