Jealousy and rage got so intense for me that I decided to make a short story of the events occuring in my head.

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Dead. Foxy's guard has ceast to be. Letting it down for just a slight moment letting decaying thoughts well up in her head. The disturbed visions of sexual history. Her mate. Her soulmate. Went off somewhere. But where. The trust Foxy put into Wolf is decreasing. Rapidly. He's been gone for longer then he should. Foxy tries to stay calm but her inner evil is breaking through the thin layer of saneness. She searches. She doesnt find. She searches... but she never finds. She now drops in a wet pile of leaves. Rubbing her head against it. She misses. She yearns. She cries. She. Thinks. The Jealousy built up with just thinking of Wolf with another... scars her. She torments herself. She turns into a threat rather than friendly. She runs. Fast. Changing as she goes. Her face molds into that of a foxhuman. Her entire body completely transforms into a foxhuman. She runs and runs until she gets to a crystal blue pool of water. She observes. Her heart, mind, and soul shatters when she sees her mate pinning a female to the tree. Half in water, half on tree. Foxy dies in the inside. The pooul is now a Swamp. A place she shall never go again. Foxy wakes up.

                It was all just a dream. An imagination. Foxy looks for Wolf. The disturbed thoughts come again.
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