Slendy's Friend

Slendy's Friend

Lilly Peaks, a twelve year old girl who's parents died in a plane crash, and having to be supported by her older brother, Stephan. But when walking in the woods, she meets an un-suspected person.

published on August 23, 2013108 reads 25 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.


Merp, so this is the intro. The next chapter will be the start of the actual story..))

Lilly was gently nudged awake. She opened her light pale blue optics, her vision hazy.
"L-lilly.." Her older brother, Stephan said in a shaky voice. The seven year looked at him puzzled. "Whats wrong?" She asked, sitting up on her bed, as Stephan kneeled down on his knee until he was eye length with his little sister. "Momma and dad's plane crashed last night." He said, being direct. Stephan didn't want to just make her sister wait, she needed to know. "W-what?!" Lilly said, her voice cracking. "Your lying! They can't be dead!" Even for a seven year old, she knew what was going on. Pushing the covers off of her, Lilly slipped out of bed and ran out her room. Scurring down-stairs, as she quickly went to the couch and grabbed the remote on the table. Stephan following closely behind. Lilly turned on the t.v., as the channel was on CNN.
"And you'll see a large plane fire, everyone. So far, there has been 29 deaths! Only 27 of the passengers have escaped, but with inguries." The news lady said, as the screen then switched to a large video of the plane being devoured by the hot flames. Tears started to slip down Lilly's pink cheeks, as Stephan then came around and wrapped his arms around her in a comforting embrace. Lilly's sobs grew, as her older brother whispered comforting things.
The funeral of their parent's was several days after the plane had crashed, many people we're there, along with the other families of those her died we're there to. It was a group burrial, so everyone would understand what it would be like. After the funeral, Lilly had gone to her room, and wen't to sleep, hoping this event was just only a dream.
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on September 14, 2013
Totally make more. I'm very curious.
on September 02, 2013
Make more
on August 24, 2013