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Paranormall shit t survive!
You read the title I am an witch I do like to play around with dark forces... a lot and this is some tips and stuff to help you with your endevors and not... well hopefully not tramutize your self like I did and am doing
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I don't have a title yet (1)
A young woman who attends college is also a witch. She practices witchrcraft for others to help them at a small cost most of the time. More description to come later, I'm not exactly sure what I even write about, just that I wa...
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An Untitled Story
A story in progress. A mysterious man shows up one night, speeding across the road. He leaves his audience stunned. The protagonist, Eli Nelson, uncovers many secrets on his way to find this mysterious sir.
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Roarke: An Origin Story
In late Septemer of 1860, a young man by the name of Roarke Everitt attends a fancy house party with his family at the Cooper Mansion. A massacre ensues and he ends up murdered during it, or so he thought. Now he has a vendetta...
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Anxiety Pills || Sander Sides fanfic
Everything, EVERYONE, was perfect until an audition that Thomas saw and told the Sides he was going to try it. Everyone was happy that Thomas was doing something other than making YT videos. When he goes to the audition Virgil ...
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Liv and Alice ninth Birthday
So this is just like a idk sad to happy story so yeah. That's all i guess
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ask/dare me and estella
i already made one like this on another acc so im doing it here. comment and ask or dare me and estella things
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1 of my fav songs.
Hayloft by Mother Mother lyrics TwT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).Also it's a meme song it's Daddy's Got A Gun.
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Salem the Witch
Salem go's on a trip to locate his lost sister Katie. Salem encounters booby traps, puzzles, and worst of all Malice and Lillian.
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Demons facts and storries
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The Choker
A girl wakes up to feel a choker around her neck. She feels paranoid and anxious all the time now. What is going on?
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Indigo's House of Misfit Witches
Indigo Athena is the neighborhood witch. She smells like incense, and has short, glittery, purple hair. Kids all over the state who have been disowned come to her, and she teaches them how to be witches. Lila, the 12 -year-old,...
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This story is about the zombie eclipse (not apocalypse) and the main character cannot tell if he is truly alive or dead. Also he escaped from prison, only to get a lot of issues. He was better off to pay the price for his crimes.
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Tell me what ya think, gimme feedback c:
A story of a young child and her two pet cats, the child, Lee, believes that she is seeing Ghosts, or as she describes them, "Almost Invisible People". Whenever she feels like something is watching her, the cats always act up. ...
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The Curse (2)
When young Callum Gravedon is sent to live with his Aunt Lucinda in Salem, Oregon he begins to learn about his family's dark past. He learns about the dreadful curse that was bestowed upon them over one hundred years ago, and h...
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even demons can love.
please let me pass im begging you! i dont know what else to write dipper x male demon reader
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Lavender and Or I
Lavender and Or I are best friends, they watch out for each other and push each other on swings. But from a day and after, they didn't do anything together, what was the reason? I'm not done this story yet, this is based on my ...
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My Imaginary Real Friend
There's a girl named Kendall who has a creative mind! She made herself an imaginary friend because of her parents. Then that imaginary friend was no longer imaginary. It became real. Now, all I have to do is find out what she's...
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