In To The Wold Part 1

In To The Wold Part 1

One Day When Spirit And Her Mum Are Hunting The Hunt Turns For The Worst In A Quest To Find Something Will Spirit's Actions lead to Loss Or Happiness (Only One Way To Find Out Read It)

published on August 28, 201313 reads 8 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The Hunt

The young wolf pup woke to see the sun shining down on the grass “morning Spirit” said her mum licking behind his ear “today is the day I teach you to hunt” Spirit got up and starched she then pretended to hunt some pry “good now we know you can kill a leaf” smiled her mum she looked up at her “very funny but when we hunt real animals I will be the best hunter ever” they both got up and walked out of the den “are we going to have breakfast first” said Spirit licking her lips her mum walked on “nope today you will hunt your own breakfast” Spirit ran fast and soon caught up with her mum.

Her mum crouched low and as soon as she know she was ready to run she leaped out of the long grass and landed on a deer with one bit to the neck it was dead by then the other deer’s were gone “see that’s how you hunt think you’re ready to give it ago” Spirit looked  amazed “I think so” she looked around to see nothing to hunt “don’t worry  I w daughter ill track them down” her  mum hid the prayer in the long green grass then the both set of to find deer “what can you smell” said her mum looking at her “it smells like deer” her mum licked her behind the ear “good that’s because it is deer scent” soon they found the deer.
“Go on then be the best hunter ever” smiled her mum Spirit crouched low like her mum did she moved forwards slowly then she raised his blacklegs up and jumped he pinned a baby deer to the ground and finished it with one bit just then a gun shoot went off she turned around and saw her mum on the floor she run over to her “mum what happened” she looked at her “don’t worry I won’t die they have just made me sleepy” Spirit gave her a lick behind the ear just then a dark shadow stood behind her she turned around and saw a man standing there “come here you little mutt” the guy bent down to pick Spirit up but Spirit was too fast for him she sprinted in to the woods she poked her head up out of the long grass to see a car driving away she ran after it but it was too late the car was gone “I will find you mum one day somehow”
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Awesome Story your very talented meow
on August 28, 2013