Fiction and Nonfiction
hey guys someones been asking me a question im not gonna spreading names saying that if veronica and nathaniel are dating or not well they are comrades in arms and they are dating so does that answer your question there now let...
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The Spirit of a Brother
This story is'nt real actually, i just made it cuz i'm bored here....and there.. there was these two bros.
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How I met BEN :)
I met Ben by buying Majoras Mask.... for my wii? This is my story about meeting BEN and beating his 'Little Game'. But when he brings me to the C. Pasta place.... things get difficult. Do you want to know if I got along with t...
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Foxfaces story
Foxface was a tribute from district 5. She was sly and sneaky. This is her story
81 reads 25 readers 10 by Thehost
The Training Center (District 2)
This story is about clove and cato when they were little kids and they have enemies. but when they are picked to train in the training center for the hunger games can they beat those enemies?
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Shadow/Knuckles Love Triangle
As the title tells you, this is a story about a love triangle with Shadow, Knuckles, and my character, Angel. The first chapter will describe her, and the rest will tell the story.
84 reads 32 readers 6 by EvilAngel1490
I NEVER apoligized
Lily and Kim are best friends but when they have a strange fight, Lily gets killed and Kim has to live through the pain of her best friend dying. She never got to say sorry!!
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A new demigod
What the Hades Shes a Demigod how the... Nevermind she was glad her friend was here now.
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My Life at Camp Half Blood :)
Between quests, my very awesome life goes on. This is one particular not-so-normal day...
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A Sonamy Love Story
Okay, i needed help on my torn within story but i dont know what to do next anyways this is called A Sonamy Love Story
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teardrop (2)
hey guys and gals be sure to comment its always nice to see what you guys have to say
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Camp life
My every day life at camp. Before A New Threat. Hope you enjoy. :) Its fun
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the ginki2
i hope you guys like this one as much as the others. its to the part with the creepy monster called the ginki
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Adventures with Pewdiepie
It is about me and Pewdiepie stuck in Amnesia.real life version complete.
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The Quest for Chaos: Ella's Story
I go on my first quest! It turns out to be an Epic fail but whatever, at least I got to go on a quest.
16 reads 3 readers 1 by wolfness
This how i got Misty its funny and weird. Hope you like it :) Its also messy
27 reads 14 readers 4 by charlie.clements.7
A quest for Chaos
Chaos it had to be Chaos why oh why we need to defeat him other wise were doomed
22 reads 12 readers 2 by charlie.clements.7
The hit
Decodo and his little brother are being abused by the father who's wife died with decodo's promise to alex. he will have to find a way out of this mess
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The Break
please enjoy i wrote this story before in my note book where i keep tons more so please tell me if its good and i will add the rest!
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If i was in the hunger games i would...
this story will be about what i would do if i was reaped for the hunger games and you have to read to see if i will live or be killed by the other tributes
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