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Desert Highway
Short story I wrote a while ago..comment and tell me what you think! Please no mean feedback...
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to death do we part~ the shock and scar of a life time!
well here you go to death do we part fans! the story has now truly begun! and in a shocking scary way! what will happen when luv become to perfect? what will pervent true luv from suviveing? well read this and the ones to come!
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Creepypasta Poetry Collection
All of the pictures are by, I believe, 'DethKira'. Whoever that is.... This is my Creepypasta Poems. People seemed to like my other poem so I've decided to make THIS! PLEASE tell me how I did. :( Be honest but please don't be m...
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Creepypasta Poem of detail and death
I came up with this at school and all of my friends liked the ryms. Some didn't like creepypastas though. PLEEAASSEE tell me how I did. It is my first poem about creepypastas so don't be mean but please be honest. Comment, rate...
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Lucy is a insane 16 year old girl who hates were she is. so she gets and idea. she escapes the mental home called Helping Hand and runs into a annoying, bad temperd bad boy named Ian. they travel together as "Friends" until she...
93 reads 43 readers 11 by XxChristoferDrewsWifexX
four people meet in a dieing world of walkers some lose hope others fight for their life
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Friday the 13th in Silent Hill
This is my very first story on qfeast other than my poem. it is a crossover between Friday the 13th and Silent Hill. I hope you all of qfeast will like it, especially you Steph :)
37 reads 12 readers 5 by WWEChampion20
In the Prowlers Pack
"In the Prowlers Pack" is a story about wolves living together, fighting for and with each other. *~*~Characters~*~* Aeralynn: Tells the story, is a tiny, red wolf. She is feisty, reckless but independent and quick. Prefers f...
15 reads 12 readers 3 by Nobody.07
Scandal is a lovely husky with bright blue eyes.He is lovely and white with a button black nose.He is bigger than an average husky but he was a puppy at heart.He had been born on the streets with 4 other pups but them and his m...
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My Akatsuki Love Story
I had to remake this... Anyway, I remade this. Dedicated to CrazyKiller.
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Kill everybody
Blik is the chaos. Kill everybody! Won't the real world stop hassling me?!?
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that double crosser
Hope you like it! Enjoy! The main character's name is Maddie. She has 5 best friends named Raeleigh, Jillian, Elizabeth, Olivia, and Taylor.
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The chaos !! Dutch version
This Is in Dutch.. Translated but there is other ones. French Chinese Germen Spanish Swedish Russian
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Scary Night
Scary night is about a group of friends who go on a trip that was what they thought it was going to the time of there lives but then they get lost in the forest and they have no chocie but to travel through diffrent worlds tryi...
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The pysco is after you she will never go away or will she? The she beast has friends? Maybe..
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DIS (like the underworld)
I visit the underworld. Ooh I hope there's not spiders.... very spooky. Not for the faint of heart.
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BackToHumans' Rants
I'm in the mood to rant about something. You guys can gimme suggestions if you wish. The whole point of this is for you to have something you can agree with.
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if u have taken my quiz "who is ur 1d hubby", got liam and want to know the rest of ur story then read this!
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