Falling For The Twin

Falling For The Twin

I didn't expect for this to happen and I wasn't sure if it was a good thing yet. Bit, one thing was for certain: I was in love with Marcel...my boyfriend's twin brother.

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Chapter one: Meeting The Family

Chapter one: Meeting The Family

Needless to say, Kimberly was nervous. She had been dating Harry for three months now and today she was going to meet his family. What if they didn't like me? What if I wasn't good enough? She thought...
"I don't know about this, Harry."
"It'll be fine. They'll love you!"
"You didn't love me when we met..."
"But I do now."
Kimberly was nervous. Her boyfriend of a year, Harry, was taking her to meet his parent. Of course she was nervous.
"They're going to hate me," She pouted. Harry kissed her pout, making her heart pound.
"They'll love you," He whispered to her.
She couldn't think, so she nodded.
"Good" Harry said, reaching for the doorknob.
She made a sound in the back of her throat as a last minute protest, but allowed Harry to lead her inside the house.
When Kimberly first met Harry, they hated each other. Kimberly could easily fit into the "Good Girl" stereotype and Harry, with all his tattoo's and his default attitude, fit very nicely into the "Punk" category. But appearances are misleading.
Harry was very sweet and he cared for Kimberly very much, always using his softest tone with her.
And Kimberly had a bit of a rebellious side. Several times had she convinced Harry to ditch class so they could partake in..."other pursuits"
Appearances are misleading.
"Hello! You must be Kimberly!" a lady Kimberly presumed to be Harry's mum, Anne, gushed.
"It's nice to meet you," Kimberly said, holding out her hand for a handshake. Anne ignored her hand and pulled Kimberly into a hug.
"Mum, please." Harry sighed.
"Oh, sorry." Anne said, releasing Kimberly from the hug.
Kimberly, not knowing what to do, smiled at her.
"Where's Robin and Gem?" Harry asked, not seeing his sister or his step-dad.
"Gemma is working on a project at school and Robin has to work late, so he won't be here," Anne said.
Harry nodded, slightly upset by that revelation, and he took Kimberly's hand.
Harry led Kimberly up a flight of stairs to a room.
The room was plain with light blue walls and white sheets on the bed. Kimberly knew it was Harry's bedroom, but it seemed almost too plain for him. His house in general wasn't what she expected.
The house looked like something you'd see in a Hallmark movie. After all, it was a perfect "white picket fence" house.
"You seem nervous," Harry said, plopping down on his bed.
"Really? You're just NOW figuring that out? I told you before-"
"Calm down. I was just kidding. Why are you so nervous?" Harry asked.
"I don't know. I just...I feel like and outsider," Kimberly mumbled.
Harry put his hands on Kimberly's waste and pulled her onto his lap. He pressed his forehead onto hers and they were looking into each other's eyes. Harry kisses her softly, making her light headed.
Harry had a strange effect on Kimberly. He made her feel strange and every time they touched, she felt excitement course through her veins, almost as though he was pure adrenaline.
Harry felt the same way about Kimberly, which is why he took every chance he could to be near her. When Harry pulled back, Kimberly pouted.
"Stop doing that," She pouted.
"Doing what?"
"Being sexy."
Harry laughed. "No Promises," He said.
Harry and Kimberly laid on Harry's bed, goofing off for about thirty minutes until Anne called up the stairs that Gemma was home from school.
At that she pushed Harry the almost-sleeping Harry off of the bed.
"Umf!" He said when he hit the floor, which was hard wood. "What was that for?"
"You wewre falling asleep," Kimberly said, giggling.
Harry stood up an smiled his special smile that he saved for times like that.
It was his revenge smile.
In what seemed like a second, he was on top of Kimberly and tickling her.
"stop it!" Kimberly squealed, tears seeping from her eyes as she laughed.
Harry had her waist straddled so Kimberly couldn't escape.
Of course, though Kimberly's squeals and giggles, neither of them heard the door open.
"What the heck is going on here?" a voice behind them asked.
Harry stopped tickling Kimberly so he could turn to see who was standing there, Kimberly took that brief pause t push Harry of the bed again.
In the doorway stood Marcel.
Now, you may be wondering who Marcel is. Well, Marcel is Harry's twin brother, though Harry denies that fact all of the time.
To Harry, he is simply Marcel the unwanted extra.
Marcel couldn't help but stare. Not because of what looked to be going on in there and certainly not at Harry.
Marcel was looking at Kimberly.
Kimberly wasn't a cheerleader or a jock or any other stereotype the usually held her brand of pretty girls, but she was beautiful.
So beautiful, in fact, that Marcel couldn't tear his eyes away from her.
But Kimberly barely got a glance at Marcel before Harry slammed the door in his face.
"W-who was that?" Kimberly asked, surprised by the fact that there was ANOTHER Harry at the door.
"I thought he was at the library" Harry sighed into his hands.
"Harry, who was that?" Kimberly asked again.
Harry sighed once more before wearily saying, "Marcel."
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Love it
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Great! Pls continue
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I luv ur story plz continue
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